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The folks over at Pastapadre (the best sports video game site you will find) have player ratings for every team in MLB: The Show 13, and, well, some of them are quite suspect. Take a look at the top seven Phils:

96 Cliff Lee
95 Jonathan Papelbon
94 Roy Halladay
94 Cole Hamels
94 Carlos Ruiz
93 Jimmy Rollins
91 Mike Adams 

I’m all for Chooch… but no. Notice that Chase Utley and Ryan Howard aren't on that list (both are 88).

Of course, the Angels look quite formidable in the game:

99 Mike Trout
99 Josh Hamilton
99 Albert Pujols
93 Jered Weaver
90 Ryan Madson
90 Ernesto Frieri 

Look at Mad Dog getting himself into the conversation.

Check out all the ratings over at Pastapadre.