Um, “MLB 13: The Show” Player Ratings are Curious, to Say the Least

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The folks over at Pastapadre (the best sports video game site you will find) have player ratings for every team in MLB: The Show 13, and, well, some of them are quite suspect. Take a look at the top seven Phils:

96 Cliff Lee
95 Jonathan Papelbon
94 Roy Halladay
94 Cole Hamels
94 Carlos Ruiz
93 Jimmy Rollins
91 Mike Adams 

I’m all for Chooch… but no. Notice that Chase Utley and Ryan Howard aren't on that list (both are 88).

Of course, the Angels look quite formidable in the game:

99 Mike Trout
99 Josh Hamilton
99 Albert Pujols
93 Jered Weaver
90 Ryan Madson
90 Ernesto Frieri 

Look at Mad Dog getting himself into the conversation.

Check out all the ratings over at Pastapadre.


28 Responses

  1. The only thing I find funny about this is that Jimmy Rollins is a 93…he hasn’t been a 93 in 5 years…

  2. the ratings in baseball games have been suspect for years. I forget which game it was but a few years back my friend and I played one of them all the time and there was at least 40 guys rated 100.

  3. It’s b/c speed factors into the ratings as well as defense. Hard to explain, but overall ratings in this game aren’t worth a shit – the ratings are set so when you sim a season The Big Piece (of shit) will hit .250 w/ 30hr & play shit defense, Rollins will hit .250 w/ 15 hr, steal 30 bases and play great D. The ratings system puts a lot of emphasis on defense and speed (unlike Rube)

  4. Chase and Howard are lower probably because there duriability is low. Takes away from there overall rating.

  5. This is a fun game, but I had a lot of trouble hitting lefty breaking balls down & away last year like it was a glitch or some shit. Hope they fixed it!

  6. I read an article posted by the developer. The ratings are actually position specific so a shortstops attributes are weighed different from a catchers attributes. So for example a shortstop may look at contact speed defense while a catcher may be defense arm strength power.

  7. Eagles begin long awaited catharsis on defense. Posts about Carlos Ruiz’s rating in a video game.

  8. “Um, your horrible fucking blogs are lame, to say the least” – Everyone who has a fucking brain

  9. John Glazier I have some delicious lox and bagels, maybe a couple of pennies to spare, you fuckin’ swine.

  10. They don’t have respect for the real good players. I think they do the player rating based on sympathize . How come a guy like Herrera throws faster than Chapman? How/

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