Video: Punking Primanti

This comes from reader Brian, whose friend prank called Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh following the Flyers' 6-5 win over the Penguins. The video might not leave you in hysterics, but it's a solid effort. This line, the obvious high point: “Do you still have that Simmonds Special… the Simmonds Special I heard about last night. I heard it’s really good. The Simmonds Special, Wayne Simmonds. It’s like a hoagie with two goals, an assist… a bloody penguin on the side.”


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  1. That was stupid. Us Philadelphians with our Ivy League level colleges shouldn’t stoop down to the redneckian levels of Pittsburgh people. The only reason their city is even relevant is because of a sports team, and Jeff Goldblum.
    Thank you for Anthony Jeselnik though.

  2. This isn’t post-worthy. The chick answering the phone had no clue about hockey. People forget that Pittsburgh isn’t the crazed sports town that Philly is. You’re forgetting this city almost had their hockey team move. The fans are such frontrunners they almost lost their team. Take a moment & think about that. They had to land 3 top picks in Crosby, Malkin, and Fleurry to make their team relevant again & their fanbase actually support the team. Not to mention Pittsburgh being a 5hr drive & when the Phils play the Pirates the stadium is 60% Red. The only reason they give a shit about the Steelers is b/c they have a bunch of Championships.

  3. Pitt is shit town. My ex lives in that armpit. Wheres the puck slut from the last year or two? She dead yet or something.

  4. Why do we even care about such an armpit town? They have about 29 teeth to share between the yinzers. Bandwagon all the way for them with their 20 steel jobs.

  5. been to pittsburgh twice for phillies games and had a blast each time. however, aside from the areas around the stadiums, the city is a complete shithole. its very trashy with many rundown neighborhoods. then again, philly has many of those types of areas too. still, nice win over the pens the other night, but we all knew they would come out flat last night vs the panthers and they certainly did.

  6. If some of you actually stepped outside your bubble of Phiwadelphia you’d know that there are actually a lot of nice parts of Pittsburgh…all cities have their slums. I do find the Pittsburgh stereotype funny even though it is 30 years outdated.
    Travel…you’ll learn something.

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