Andrew Bynum: “They just grew cartilage in Petri dish, I think science is looking at it”

:45 mark [might need to bump the audio up]

That slug, Andrew Bynum, on possible cures for degenerative conditions: “They are getting close with things to do… with cartilage. They just grew cartilage in a Petri dish. I think science is looking at it, doctors are looking at it, and this is a serious problem. And they’re going to come up with something.”

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  1. I think a 5 year old Southern Baptist has a greater understanding of science then this asshole.

  2. Eh, as people have said, you can’t really blame him for being cautious. A bum knee doesn’t just ruin his career, it’ll impact the rest of his life. In his defense, knee injuries are really unpredicable and there’s really no good way to facilitate recovery. I seem to remember a certain second baseman who’s knees were (still are maybe) just as unpredicable last year. Utleys timetable for return was as nonexistent/schizophrenic as bynums. Yet everyone seemed to be fine with him taking his sweet ass time and returning by the time the Phil’s season was all but done. I don’t think it’s fair to swoon over him taking ground balls on a stool yet lambast Bynum for dribbling/shooting when it’s obvious that he’s nowhere near ready.
    This is 98 percent on management. They knew from day 1 that he was damaged goods, and instead of letting him pass they placated a rabid fan base and shipped away this teams best shot at being successful. I’m nt saying that Iggy shoulda stayed, but they shouldn’t have dumped him for someone who was obviously a mess. And on top of that, they acted like nothing was wrong. They billed this as the next step and hyped up this team big time when they knew this was gonna happen. They treated the fans and the media like idiots and it back fired. Now that’s not to say we shouldn’t be mad at Bynum at all. He certainly played into the hype machine by constantly saying that he’s almost there. And even if he hasn’t been being lazy and is genuinely concerned with his well being, he still acts like he doesn’t care by basically saying “the fans can fuck off, I’m doing this on my own time.” if he had came out and said, “I’m as upset about this as you guys and I’m doing my best,” fans wouldn’t be as rabid over him. Sure the quirky stuff like this leaves a bad taste in our mouth, but it doesn’t contribute a damn thing to his knee situation.
    It also doesn’t help that idiots like Kyle never gave this a chance from the beginning and just fueled the anti-Bynum fires with goofy posts that ultimately said,” LOOK AT HIM PUMPING GAS IN HIS FERRARI, HE’s CRAZY.” Hes the biggest asshole to never play with the sixers Kyle? Well you’re the biggest asshole who never actually worked as a credible member of the media.
    Well never quite know the full extent of Bynums part in this failure, but it’s a little silly to be aiming the cannon at him when it 100 percent deserves to be pointed at management.

  3. Everytime I look at this guy I see a mental patient off his meds. He is really rather strange looking. If I saw him coming down the street, I would think he was a schizophrenic homeless person.

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