UPDATE: Bynum Spotting: Images of a Loon (Andrew Bynum at Buffalo Billiards, Throws a Shot Glass)

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How fitting. Just hours after cementing his position in the pantheon of slug Philly athletes, Andrew Bynum headed to Buffalo Billiards in Old City, took some shots… and perhaps threatened to kill a guy.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my Saturday morning inbox.

I woke up this morning to two emails from reader Sean. The first one, sent at 12:59 a.m., contained two pictures of Bynum and the following words: 

Spotted a loon at Buffalo Billiards, creeping on some sexy white women playing pool. Proof is in the pudding. 


A little over an hour later, at 2:19 in the a.m., Sean followed up, like the good little loon spotter that he is:

There was a pool game going on in the bar around Bynum. Someone asked Bynum to move so they could take a shot. Bynum was apparently agitated by this, lost his cool and threatened to kill the guy (putting a fake gun to his head with his fingers) and eventually threw a shot glass at the guy. None of this is made up. What a loon. 


Lovely. I’m always a little bit skeptical of emails I receive in the early a.m., so I took to the social medias to see if anyone else had spotted a loon. They had:

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I've followed up with Sean to see if he could provide more details on the whole I’ll kill you thing, and will pass along any updates if I get them. Sean also posted about the incident on his Facebook:

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UPDATE: Sean asked that we remove his full name and image from the post. He says that Bynum, obviously, wasn't wholly serious about threatening to kill someone when he put his fingers to his head. But a shot glass was thrown.

UPDATE 2: An anonymous reader, who witnessed the exchange, passes along some more details:

I met Andrew there once before and, as with last night, while he might be a little goofy and playful, in no way have I ever heard him threaten anyone. I was in he vicinity of his altercation last night and did not hear him threaten anyone's life. What I DID hear was the group make a few snide comments about is injury which seemed to have lead to the problem in the first place. He was, indeed, talking to two girls, but when asked if he could move for a shot on the pool table, did so accordingly and it seemed at that point someone from the group seemed to have made a comment and that's when he started to get heated. He did drop a glass in their general direction and exclaim, "I'm out of here." That, of course, is where he became in the wrong, but nothing appeared to be thrown at anyone and at that point was asked to leave. I did not hear him threaten anyone's life or make any hand motions accordingly. If anything, it was the group that kept instigating the situation, going as far as going outside to yell things as him as he walked down the street, turning something that should have lasted a few seconds into something that went on several minutes, seeing as how they were still making remarks after he was long gone.

While I'm not a Philly sports fan at all (I moved here for work from Chicago) I must say, being a sports fan in general, it's always nice to see them around town like anyone else, but when it resorts to this, it ruins it for everyone. Mr. Bynum didn't seem to be doing much outside of trying to just enjoy himself like anyone else, from what I could see was, especially in terms of how egotistical you hear and see all over of these guys being, extremely approachable and friendly. Frankly, I don't think his night out should be any concern of anyone when it comes to his injury. As a basketball fan, I can understand a player not playing and it being aggravating. But last I checked you don't drink with your knees.


Anyone else see anything?


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  1. Going out on a limb here but I predict Bynum signs a contract with an NBA team next year to play basketball!!! In other news…I have to poo.That is all.!! I Gary The Prediction cougar has spoken. Eric?

  2. This Sean guy is totally making the situation out to be different than it went down most likely due to the fact that he was shitfaced. I was there and Bynum was nothing but goofy and friendly to everyone around him. He bought ten shots at a time and passed them around to all of the people that were crowding him. Sean and his friends were totally fucking with Bynum and proceeding to follow him outside after Bynum said he was leaving because he wanted to walk away from the situation. The blonde preppy girls who seemed to be friends of Sean weren’t complaining when Bynum gave them their credit card to by a round of shots. All I’m saying is take the story of a drunk person scorned by an athlete with a grain of salt. Whether Bynum annoys everyone in terms of basketball doesn’t mean his personal character should be questioned.

  3. I was there last night. Heard the Bynum took the blonde back to his crib & fucked her.

  4. I was playing against the guy who had the glass thrown at him. You guys claiming nothing happened are either Sixers PR acting like you were there or his buddies because it did indeed happen. Was he provoked? Probably.
    The guy I was playing against was quick witted and very sarcastic so someone getting flustered and pissed with him isn’t hard to understand. Bynum minded his own most of the night and latched on to two girls from the get-go and stayed with them even through his interesting departure. (Maybe that’s part of his ladies closing tactic).
    The guy asked if he could take a shot and told the girls and Bynum not to move for a sec so Bynum flicked his stick. The guy turned around and they both laughed and shot one liners back and forth. The dude went to shoot again and Bynum went with the flick move once again. They were still laughing but I did specifically hear the guy say jokingly, “don’t make me cross check you like the real sport that wins at Wells Fargo”. Neither team is winning so not the best line but still Bynum didn’t like it and when he went to shoot for a third time Bynum made a gun out of his fingers and pushed down on his head. The guy said something along the lines of you’re really not going to let me finish this game and Bynum said “you wanna play the death game?” Multiple times and said he has his boys and they can go back to his place and play whenever they want. Then he decided to spell out K-I-L-L… Show off. The guy said what do you think my answer is to that? And Bynum threw the glass and squared him up. Good shot if you ask me. He was covered from collar to bottom of chest. The dude did indeed yell stop the music that’s the first shot Bynum made in Philly.
    It did start off jokingly and the guy was very sharp and sarcastic so I get the anger, but to say that he never threw the glass or that it fell on his chest accidentally is absurd. The finger gun did occur as well but to Bynum’s defense, I don’t think it was loaded.

  5. Sam, you got your story wrong bud, Bynum threw the glass at him, his shirt was soaked. I heard one of the workers tell the guy who got hit with the glass that Bynum will never be allowed back in. While I doubt they would turn away a celeb, that shows you who Buffalo Billiards thought was in the wrong.

  6. I was there last night (my tweet referenced above) and can confirm that Bynum was there alone, and seemed to be going back and forth between 2 different groups of chicks. I was not near the pool table while the confrontation started but as me and my buddy were leaving at like 1:50am we caught the tail end of the argument and basically told Bynum to leave as it wasn’t worth it for him. He didn’t leave with any girls as someone mentioned in a comment earlier. He walked out with us, and was still really frustrated about those dudes trying to rile him up. As we were half a block away, a drunk blonde chickenhead ran out of the bar and was screaming down the block to him about how he was leaving alone (I suppose implying that no one cared about him and highlighting that he was a loser for coming out by himself). At which point the cops across the street got on their megaphone and told her to grow up and go back inside. Bynum walked with us and then went into a huka bar where he said he knew the owner. Didn’t see much wrong doing from the big man, just a couple of guys who thought they were cool talking trash to an NBA player – end of story.

  7. Does he ride solo in everything he does? Curious if he has an entourage like AI did.

  8. Silly me, I thought I was looking at a philly sports blog and maybe catch a recap of the game or something of the sort. What was I thinking coming to CB with such expectations?! Oh lawd

  9. Listen guys — I was there and here’s how it went down:
    I was minding my own business playing a friendly game of snooker when out of nowhere this… this LOON came charging me from behind the bar after pounding something like 15 shots of grain alcohol and duct-taped my mouth close and threw me in his trunk. So I call 9-1-1 and Halle Berry answers then she finds out where I am, shows up at the house and beats that LOON’s ass and sets me free.
    That’s the REAL scoop.

  10. This is a great advertisement for buffalo billards, can’t wait to check it out. Shots unlimited, Sexy white girls (presumably out of camera shot), drunken wiseass bro’s and has been NBA stars. Sounds like a great place to set up a condom/morning after pill vending machine.

  11. I dont believe the guy much who gave the book answer about the story. I got him pegged as a jock follower. He was just happy Andrew looked at him.
    His misspelling and grammar tells you all you need to know. He was star struck and if Andrew dropped a gun with the shot glass, he wouldnt say anything.

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