Comcast-Spectacor Will Unveil a Bobby Clarke-Bernie Parent Statue at Xfinity Live! This Weekend

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As if women need any more incentive to sleep with Bernie Parent.

From PR man Ike Richman:

Comcast-Spectacor will unveil a new seven-foot tall bronze statue commemorating one of the most iconic moments in Philadelphia Flyers history during a free, open-to-the-public ceremony at XFINITY Live! Philadelphia on Saturday, March 30, beginning at 11 a.m. The unveiling of the new statue also marks the one-year anniversary of Philly's newest and most exciting dining and entertainment complex, XFINITY Live!

This new 400-pound statue depicts the Flyers greatest achievement in their history – winning back-to-back Stanley Cup Championships on May 19, 1974 and May 27, 1975. The new statue features then team captain Bob Clarke and goaltender Bernie Parent hoisting the Stanley Cup. 


Not present: the 800-pound gorilla reminding folks that the Flyers haven't won another Cup in 38 years. If only Mr. Snider would stop employing homegrown yes-men, maybe he would find some players to put on a statue in front of his next money grab.

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  1. might as well, it was the first and last times this team would ever win it all

  2. Dude, Kyle..You sound like a penguins fan by constantly and obnoxiously bringing up our cup drought. Shut the fuck up.

  3. Poor discipline at the end of the game leading to yet another 5-on-3 PP against the Pens… Bryz actually looks like he might steal them a game and keeps them in it the whole time, but they squander the opportunity. Yeah they got a point, but last night was a microcosm of this season.

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  5. Ed Snider has fleeced Flyers fans for 44 years. You call out Adam Aron every chance you get,because of Bynum signing.Your 2013-2014 Flyers season tickets are on sale.

  6. None of the players that Homer traded played defense, the Flyers’ (and most of the league for that matter) most glaring weakness. Boston has an amazing GM and Pitt tanked for years. That’s how they got the teams that they have. The Flyers are competitive every year. Hard to bring in top notch young guys through the draft, so Homer traded for some. The Richards Carter trades will be wins a few years down the road, when this blog no longer exists.

  7. Flyer are you fucking retarded. Richards was a two way player. He just barely lost the Selke trophy to Datsyuk. Its how everyone categorizes him. Carter turned into the same player after the first few years of being strictly offensive. You’re a fucking idiot.

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