Crossing Streams Podcast (Episode 3): Joe Vallee, Author of “A Snowball’s Chance”

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Perhaps I should have had the guy who created the pissing urinal game on Crossing Streams.

Next time.

Joe Vallee joined me for the third show. He is the lead author of A Snowball’s Chance, a new book calling out the national media for their mistreatment of Philly fans. It’s an outstanding takedown of the numerous stereotypes that exist, with contributions from many local media folks and sports figures, including Ray Didinger, Mike Missanelli, Howard Eskin, Dan Baker, Michael Barkann, Larry Andersen, Jim Jackson, Scott Franzke and others. The book’s closing remarks were, fittingly, written by Brad Lidge.

We talked about the book and the many incidents it details: throwing snowballs at Santa, batteries at J.D. Drew, Flyers fans booing an anti-cancer PSA, and other occurrences that are on the national media’s checklist for throwing Philly fans under the bus. We also discussed the years of disappointment that goes into being a Philly sports fan and other incidents from fans all over the country that get overlooked.

Joe was a batboy for the 1993 Phillies and shared some stories about being in the dugout with the greatest bunch of throwbacks ever assembled. He also told the story of tracking down Lidge last summer, while Lidge was in the process of moving back to Colorado, and talking with him for an hour about Philly sports fans. And then there are the legal troubles that Joe's site,, has found itself in thanks to overzealous lawyers from

I’d highly recommend you grab a copy A Snowball’s Chance on Amazon. You can find Joe out and about promoting the book, and on Facebook and Twitter (@Philly2Philly).


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Show notes:

Terry Mulholland’s no-hit, no-run game 

Phillies fans throw batteries at J.D. Drew

Frank Olivo smiles about having snowballs thrown at him, when he was Santa

Flyers fans boo anti-cancer PSA


4 Responses

  1. Anderson, Bowa and Clement are the only guys on that list who’s 2 cents I’d ever care about. What a who’s who of has-been’s and legend-in-their-own-mind ‘stars’. Depressing if that’s the best we’ve got…

  2. Yeah,the top-two goal scorers in Flyers history, the man who called Wilt’s 100-point game, and the lone living pitcher to close out a World Series for the Phillies.
    All complete bumbs………

  3. Great interview, Kyle, which also showcased a nice shared rapport between you and Joe.
    Not to run interference here, but “A Snowball’s Chance” has all those mentioned by Santa1968 (plus the Santa of 1968…hmmm) and more, including the current team broadcasters, many sports-talk “jocks” and other Philly icons…and that’s just a part of the book.

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