Dennis Rodman is at the Vatican to see the First Black Pope and Promote an Online Gambling Site

Rodman_romePic via Susan Barnett

I was catching up on FX’s The Americans last night (B-level show somewhere between 24, Homeland and the moment you realize Felicity aged spectacularly), and one episode took place on the day Ronald Regan was shot. The Soviets, at least the ones in this show, were concerned about Alexander Haig staging a coup for the presidency in the power vacuum that followed the shooting, and they prepared themselves accordingly.

I wonder if that’s how the world views Dennis Rodman right now– as Alexander Haig. With all this political turmoil and international conflict, is Obama losing control? Is Rodman making a push for power? Will the Celebrity Mole winner who broke his dick during sex take over leadership of the free world?!

Probably Not.

But he’s certainly trying.

First Rodman flew to North Korea to hang out with noted basketball fan and evil dictator Kim Jong Un (who has since pushed North Korea to the brink of global nuclear war with longtime enemy South Korea). Then he briefed the nation on the state of relations with the dangerous country. Then he said he was going back to North Korea to hang out with his KJU again, because they’re friends duh. 

And now he’s at the Vatican… because he wants to see the first black Pope and something something metta world peace.

Or to promote Paddy Power, the Irish online gambling site whose hat and t-shirt Rodman wore during myriad interviews today.

Here’s what Rodman told CBS 3’s Susan Barnett on the CW this morning:

“I just want to see the first black Pope. I think it’s gonna be the guy from Ghana. I love to see happiness around the world. This isn’t a publicity stunt. It’s not about money.”


No, it’s not at all:

Rodman_paddyPhoto: AP

Video after the jump.


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  1. Susan Barnett is wet dreaming of riding his big black negro pole all night long. Nothing like a work trip to the Vatican and fucking black meat all night long

  2. It boggles my mind that the black community in the US and abroad tend to be so strongly homophobic given their history and I think it would be a real shame if the church which needs to move forward picks a person to lead them that thinks homosexuals should be stigmatized.
    I am sure this will lead to a very in depth and enlightening conversation

  3. When Reagan was beginning his campaign, he was summoned to NYC and met with John Rockefeller. Rockefeller told him ” You’re taking George Bush as your running mate; if you don’t, the closest you’ll get to the White House is on the tour”
    Alexander Haig ? c’mon Kyle, the real history is so much more fascinating.

  4. My dad always told me, “son, there are only 2 things you can not give a colored: a fat lip and a job”

  5. Someone is lampooning around these parts with my alias. Don’t believe the fraud people 🙂

  6. Candy of the Oak, hows abouts you’s and me’s getting together and doing the horizontal man mount? if you know what i mean…

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