image from Donte's balloon… but it probably looked something like this

Karma is a vindictive, sinister, and sometimes shocking, bitch.

Former Eagle Donte Stallworth, who served just 24 days in jail for killing a man with his car while drunk (they call it manslaughter, but I think killing a man with a car while drunkKAMWAC – is more descriptive), suffered non-serious injuries and burns today while a hot air balloon carrying him and his girlfriend struck power lines: [ESPN]

Free-agent wide receiver Donte' Stallworth is in stable condition after being involved in a hot air balloon accident Saturday morning, a source close to the player told ESPN.

Stallworth was with his girlfriend when the balloon hit power lines, causing them both to be shocked and burned. A source told ESPN that Stallworth wasn't seriously injured.


Oh Karma– you always come up with new and exciting ways to show yourself. Like, what do you do all day, just sit around thinking up fun ways to fuck with assholes? Hey, Donte KAMWACed, maybe I’ll put an oil slick on the road… nah, too R.C. Pro-Am. I know! A fuckin’ hot air balloon disaster. Too much wind. Power lines. Yessss. POWER LINES, BITCH! Hey, that’s me!

Donte and his girlfriend are in stable condition.