Fat Delmon Young is Not Particularly Enthused About Playing the Sport of Baseball

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 1.14.09 PMI knew I shouldn't have invested in that image recognition software…

Fat Delmon Young’s fat era is off to a fat and annoying start, it seems. He spoke to the media today after taking batting practice for the first time this spring. Ryan Lawrence over at Philly.com has the full transcript, but here are a few highlights:

Long day yesterday?

Young: "I slept on the plane."

You slept on the plane?

Young: "Yes."

How did it feel to be in the cage then finally?

Young: "It’s batting practice. I really don’t care too much to hit on the field."

You getting anxious though, watching these games…

Young: "No, not really. It’s cold and it’s only March 6. I’m not anxious at all."

So you just went directly from Florida to California, doctor's office to ballpark?

Young: "You guys trying to write a soap opera here or something?"


I am so excited about the Fat Delmon Young era, you have no idea.

And wait, here's the right pic:

image from mobilwi.typepad.comPhoto: Jordan Raanan

Nope. Still not it.


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  1. The situation with Fat Young (sounds like the name of a bad guy from a 1980’s Jackie Chan flick) has the look of a midseason release by the Phils as I have the sinking suspicion this is NOT going to work and he won’t be here beyond the trade deadline. As for Brian, sometimes, my friend, the fans can see and smell garbage long before the guys in the front office do, and Young screams “mistake” to me.

  2. At least he’s just a waste of a paycheck and not a waste of draft picks, prospects, AND money.

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