Great Deals on NCAA Tournament Tickets

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Need NCAA tickets for Philly, Kansas City (Villanova) or Dayton (Temple and La Salle)? We got you covered.

Get ALL SESSION STRIPS to the games in Philly on Friday and Sunday – that’s six games – for as low as $85, with lower level tickets for around $150.

You can get Session 1 tickets (Friday afternoon) for as low as $77, Session 2 tickets (Friday night) for as low as $57, and Session 3 tickets (Sunday) for as low as $102.

For Dayton, get ALL SESSION STRIPS for rounds 2 and 3 (I’m assuming that if you’re planning on going tomorrow, you already have tickets) for as low as $135. 

For Kansas City, ALL SESSION STRIPS for as low as $99. 

All of these prices are as of writing this, so don’t hold it against me if they go up.

The NCAA men's tournament brings its madness to the Wells Fargo Center this weekend.  We've received some interesting data from TiqIQ on the ticket market for the games. TiqIQ has teamed up with Primesport, the official exchange of the tournament, for march madness tickets

Wells Fargo Center (Philadelphia)

  • Session 1: $174 average
  • Session 2: $129 average
  • Session 3: $183 average
  • Creighton vs. Cincinnati (session 1)
  • Duke vs. Albany (session 1)
  • Georgetown vs. Florida Gulf Coast  (session 2)
  • San Diego State vs. Oklahoma  (session 2)

Crossing Broad Tickets is your one-stop shop for all Philly events. We round up the best tickets on the secondary market so you can shop for the great deals and seats, and support your favorite website while doing it.

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4 Responses

  1. Kyle
    I love the site and think you do a great job. But why do you gouge on your tickets with fees? If I buy 200 worth of tickets, 10% goes into your pocket. Does not seem right.

  2. Chris, I think you fundamentally misunderstand what that is– they are not our tickets, we are simply referring you to seats on StubHub, Tickets Now, Ticket Network, eBay and others, and making it easy for you to search for the best deal. The percentage we get from the sale is not in addition to the price that you would pay by going to those sites directly.

  3. No I fully understand that you set the price for your tickets. But then there is a 10 % commission on stubhub on top of what you charge. Is that not the commission you get?

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