Exploit Ilya Bryzgalov's lateral quickness. 

Which is totally possible because the defense in front of him sucks.

Four goals on 20 shots. And before the Type OB nutbags comment that I’m an idiot who knows nothing about hockey and oh my god we’re not allowed to blame a specific player ever instead we’ll just blame a “unit” like the “defense” or “power play” this way we don’t offend a player whose authentic jersey with a tie-down strap cost me $220… hear me out.

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Callahan’s (first) goal: Just piss poor team defense by the Flyers allows the Rangers to move the puck from end to end virtually unimpeded, which is what happens when you have Braydon Coburn give a lackadaisical effort at the blue line on a penalty kill. That leaves the Rangers with an easy two-on-one down low, and Bryz’s post-to-post animation was slow to load. 1-0 Rangers.


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Callahan’s (second) goal: Horrible pass from Brayden Schenn that eludes Wayne Simmonds, followed by a terrible line change and piss-poor back-checking from Schenn and Erik Gustafffsonsonsffosnfosfson, who is the only defenseman in the league that wouldn’t have put Callahan’s head through the crossbar on this play. Bryz, for some reason, never leaves his knees and the right post as he becomes to the first goaltender since NHL 94 to get beat on that move. 2-2.


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Nash’s (first) goal: In Soviet Russia, goaltender don’t stop snap shot from faceoff dot. 3-2 Rangers.


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Nash’s (second goal): El terrible line change and Kimmo Timonen elicits this text from my buddy, who shall go unnamed:

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Agreed. He’s insanely overrated and his execution and effort on this goal looks like something out of an all-star game. Incredibly, Bryz, again, parks himself on the right post after missing the poke check and gets beat on the NHL 94 move. 

After the game, Bryz said he couldn't afford to say what needs to improve. But truth is, the forwards, the defense and the goalie are to blame.

Watch all four goals after the jump.