I Think I Figured Out The Rangers’ Strategy Last Night


Exploit Ilya Bryzgalov's lateral quickness. 

Which is totally possible because the defense in front of him sucks.

Four goals on 20 shots. And before the Type OB nutbags comment that I’m an idiot who knows nothing about hockey and oh my god we’re not allowed to blame a specific player ever instead we’ll just blame a “unit” like the “defense” or “power play” this way we don’t offend a player whose authentic jersey with a tie-down strap cost me $220… hear me out.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 10.07.29 AM

Callahan’s (first) goal: Just piss poor team defense by the Flyers allows the Rangers to move the puck from end to end virtually unimpeded, which is what happens when you have Braydon Coburn give a lackadaisical effort at the blue line on a penalty kill. That leaves the Rangers with an easy two-on-one down low, and Bryz’s post-to-post animation was slow to load. 1-0 Rangers.


Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 10.18.38 AM

Callahan’s (second) goal: Horrible pass from Brayden Schenn that eludes Wayne Simmonds, followed by a terrible line change and piss-poor back-checking from Schenn and Erik Gustafffsonsonsffosnfosfson, who is the only defenseman in the league that wouldn’t have put Callahan’s head through the crossbar on this play. Bryz, for some reason, never leaves his knees and the right post as he becomes to the first goaltender since NHL 94 to get beat on that move. 2-2.


Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 10.17.00 AM

Nash’s (first) goal: In Soviet Russia, goaltender don’t stop snap shot from faceoff dot. 3-2 Rangers.


Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 10.17.17 AM

Nash’s (second goal): El terrible line change and Kimmo Timonen elicits this text from my buddy, who shall go unnamed:

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 9.57.57 AM

Agreed. He’s insanely overrated and his execution and effort on this goal looks like something out of an all-star game. Incredibly, Bryz, again, parks himself on the right post after missing the poke check and gets beat on the NHL 94 move. 

After the game, Bryz said he couldn't afford to say what needs to improve. But truth is, the forwards, the defense and the goalie are to blame.

Watch all four goals after the jump.


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  1. Hmm! I wonder if Peter Laviolette noticed all that last night? Or maybe it all boils down to the Rangers being in the Flyers collective heads, and even if Lavy’s boys played a perfect game, they STILL would’ve lost. I say, file that game in the mental wastebasket, forget about it and move on to Pittsburgh tomorrow night.

  2. I knew the majority of the blame would go to Bryz today, and I resolved myself to blocking CrossingBroad on my browser if that was the case. So, congrats Kyle, you lost my minimum of 10 daily page views.
    You put blame on Bryz, when knowledgeable hockey fans don’t put any on him. His poke check could use work, but it would take miracles to stop those goals. It’s not like it was Max Talbot and Fedotenko scoring on him, it was fucking Ryan Callahan and Rick Nash. Those guys are going to make most goalies look foolish.
    Callahan’s first goal- Bryz only looked bad because he expected a one-timer and had to do what he could in that second. Callahan held onto it, making Bryz look bad for only doing the bit of slide that he did.
    Callahan’s second goal- Bryz knows he has no chance to stop him unless he poke checks (should have never been in that position, but let’s only use 10% of our words calling the defense out). He missed it. That play is still on the D.
    Nash’s first goal- It’s a 3-on-2. If Bryz commits right there, Nash passes it to either of the other 2 Rangers. Or, Bryz commits and Nash walks around him, deposits it in the net, and you are critical of Bryz for making the first move. Nash is a great scorer- just give him the credit.
    Nash’s second goal- same story as the second Callahan goal. Oh, and Kimmo is fucking retarded there. How about an article about how terrible that contract extension was? OH NO WAIT THE ONLY CONTRACT THAT MATTERS IS $51 MILLION.
    I guess the only way to ensure shit like this, that leads to running goalies out of town, stops is to stop supporting the idiots that post it so their voice is a little quieter.
    So congrats, Kyle. Minimum 10 daily page views for 2+ years. And you’ll never get another one. The following on Twitter stops. The Facebook page is unliked.
    I hope your blog dies, and quickly. It used to be good. Now it’s just more typical Negadelphia trash.

  3. wait, so we’re not allowed to blame the defense, but all you’re doing is blaming the defense while getting in a few shots at the goalie cause you’re still mad he doesn’t rail as many skanky whores as your man lovers Richards and Carter? By the way, how’s Jake Voracek working out on our end? Wayne Simmonds? Brayden Schenn? I get you hate Bryzgalov but you can’t have it both ways if we can’t. If you can’t see the breakdowns in defense, you are blind. It’s not always the goalie’s fault. They’d give up 10 goals a game if it weren’t for Bryz. How bout some of the point blank saves he made last night? All season? Own up, Kyle.

  4. What’s owning up? All I know how to do is redirect and post some new stuff to bury a “bad” post once the crowd has proven me wrong.

  5. Timonen is essentially a tree stump out there… shortest defender in the league?
    This team is terrible in 5-on-5 situations, specifically Giroux… 12 of his 23 points have come on the powerplay. He is physically too weak to battle at even strength. Man up.

  6. Says we should blame whole team. Writes countless articles focusing only on goalie.

  7. SPSP is a PUSSY
    Dude wrote a paragraph because he’s a “knowledgeable” hockey fan. Here’s a question for him – How many pairs of jean shorts do you own, and do you wear them to every single hockey game you attend?
    Hardcore Flyers Fans = White Trash from Quakertown

  8. The mere fact that you try and defend yourself at the beginning of this article with ‘And before the Type OB nutbags comment that I’m an idiot who knows nothing about hockey’ is a fuckin’ riot. You shouldn’t respond to that at all.
    Also breaking down 4 goals, incorrectly mind you, doesn’t fucking mean you know hockey. All it shows us is that you spent a full hour on an article, instead of the typical cut-paste 10 minutes you spend on the usual bullshit.
    You always find ways to bury yourself with your articles, you simple-minded fuck.
    Btw, your verbal skills are fuckin’ putrid. You were stammering horribly at WWF Quizzo, it was a fuckin’ laugh riot(at you, not with you.)
    In fact, your quips have to be the worst attempt at being funny in the blog biz.
    Oh yeaaaah Kyle, my dick just ruptures when you tweet ‘$51 million’ followed by someone else’s recap of a Flyers game.
    Oh yeaaaah Kyle, I’m draining my fuckin’ balls with laughter after you call Bynum an asshole.
    Seriously dude, review the fuckin’ shit you put out. You’re no better than some faggot homer fan with his own agendas, rather than ideas.
    Seriously, what kind of fuckin’ insecure pussy gets rock hard posting gossip and tabloid faggotry about athletes? You’re a clown dude. A genuine fuckin’ clown.

  9. I dont like this site anywhere near as much as I used to but holy hell some of you people need to calm down. I agree it has become way to gossipy. Since I dont like that, I dont check out the site as much and rarely comment. I feel bad for the people who spend so much time and effort on a site that they dont enjoy.

  10. Whoever is in charge of defensive line changes should be fired, as 3 of the Rags 4 goals were due to turnovers and an ensuing awful line change.

  11. Sorry Kyle, no one ever said you can’t place blame on or rip the goalie. But that is all you ever do. I like how now all of a sudden your tune has changed and you’re going to be pretend like all along you’ve been ripping the defense for some of these goals but you really haven’t. You hate Bryz and that is ok but you don’t know shit about hockey and I’m not even sure you watch the games. What does Bryz’s lateral movement have to do with the first goal? Bryz could’ve moved like Julie the Cat from D2 and he wasn’t stopping that, as soon as he went down it was over. Two on one that low on a power play, Callahan gets the pass holds it for a second and goes top shelf, that is like a layup in hockey. The only goal that was bad was Callahan’s second goal. Bascially what happens nowadays is you wakeup and see the Flyers lost and 4 goals were scored. You hustle up from mom and dads basement, have mom make you a bowl of cheerios and turn on sportscenter so you can watch the highlights from last nighs game. Then you figure how you can place blame on Bryz for every goal. Your schtick is sad and tired. Putting extra letters in peoples names isn’t funny and never was.
    Timmonen has been on a steady delcine since the second half of last season. Not sure why they gave this guy another year.

  12. Yes Kyle…When superstar players are allowed to waltz into our zone at top speed, they’re generally going to be faster than the goalie…what’s the fuckin point of this article?
    He definitley needs to improve in Shootouts/one v one situations, but can we please look at the list of people who’ve been in those situations against him this season? Vanek, Kovalchuck, Huberdeau, Malkin, Nash, and Callahan…These aren’t lame duck third/fourth liners he’s getting beat by, these are superstars. Other teams stars have been able to take advantage of our defense all season. And before someone says, “well that’s gonna happen and he’s gotta bail them out sometimes,” — just stop, take that thought, and shove it up your asshole. He’s bailed out this defense on numerous occasions this season. He’s stoned the likes of Malkin/Crosby, Ovechkin, stamkos, and others who’ve had open shots up close this season. He’s stood on his head during scrums around the net and been able to keep us in games/win a few for us (did you even watch the Ottawa game Kyle?)
    You ignore the great play and games he’s kept us in/won for us, but sling mud at him for every game we lose, whether it’s his fault or not. It’s fine to call him out or criticize him or analyze mistakes when he deserves it. Believe it or not, the OB fans that you so childishly refer to were getting on him last night for the one Rick Nash goal. but you use every little fucking invalid excuse you can to call into question his contract, his overall skill as a player, and his reason for being here and try to ride him out f town. It’s fuckin pathetic.

  13. haha thanks for responding pussy farts cause my post was basically about you. Do you have push notifications for the posts on this site? It would seem as if this is your favorite site. Or you have some fascination with Kyle. I mean you said yourself in your post that you were watching Kyle at quizzo from afar basically (wwf quizzo btw, tool).
    Anyway, im done. i have other things to do with my time rather than act like a hard ass on a sports blog and make personal insults about people i dont even know.

  14. Goal 1 Blame: Coburn, Talbot. Mostly Talbot who failed to drop back and play D
    Goal 2 Blame: Luke Schenn. WTF was that slide? He took himself out of the play. His job is to keep Callahan to the outside.
    Goal 3 Blame: Gustafsson and Giroux more than anyone. Tie game in the 3rd period…why the hell did Gus get caught that deep in the offensive zone?? G skating back should have played the man (Nash) instead of crossing signals with Schenn.
    Goal 4 Blame: Bad line change and shitty forecheck. This is just lazy all the way around.
    Bryz is right. The Flyers just aren’t that good. With Grossmann hurt the D is worse than ever.

    Murph’s Mom

  15. Say what you want, but GREAT goalies make those saves and know how to poke check. Bryz is paid to be great, but hes just above average.

  16. Just so you know Kyle, Bryz had the biggest line at the flyers wives carnival. People like him, so just keep on bashing him needlessly buddy, I’m sure it’ll pay off.

  17. I’ve defended Bryz all year, but last nights game definitely exploited his main weakness. All great goaltenders know how to be aggressive with the stick, and it just seems like Bryz is afraid of using it. Hopefully he works on that very shortly, or we’re not making the playoffs

  18. Bryz shoulda had the first Nash goal. I’m sure ranger fans think Lundqvist shoulda held the initial shot on Jake’s goal. For you to watch that game and come up with this garbage says volumes about your hockey knowledge. That game was decided between the bluelines asshole. Too many neutral zone turnovers and bad line changes. it’s much to difficult to get a decent breakout going or gain the red line for a dump with this crop of D-men. How sad is it that a rookie (gus) looked like the most effective defenseman on the ice after grossman went off?

  19. This is a fair analysis. You want your goalie to come up big when the team fails. Problem is when the team fails 15 times a game with turnovers, bad line changes, blown coverage, stupid penalties, etc. chances are better that the goalie will also eventually fail.
    Nash scored those goals because Flyers’ mistakes gave him great opportunities, and goal scorers more times than not turn those opportunities into goals. It’s not like Tom Sestito scored twice on Bryzgalov, or I don’t know, Mike Rupp.
    It was a pisspoor effort all around and that comes down to coaching. Laviolette should be fired, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet. And for letting the roster get this bad through mismanagement, Holmgren should also be fired.

  20. For someone who has taken the 3rd most shots in the NHL season, Bryz’s stats are actually par for the course…hell they’re even good considering the fact that on average he takes 26.227 shots per game.

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