La Salle Students Celebrated at 20th and Olney Last Night

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I love this girl who mocked Ole Miss criminal Marshall Henderon’s annoying shark-head thing. 80 bucks says that kid’s in jail again within the next five years.

La Salle students took to the streets after Tyrone Garland’s Southwest Philly Floater™ (shout-out to Ty’s cousin Bern, and his mom, too!) sent the Explorers into new territory known as the Sweet 16 last night. Judging by the pictures and videos, the party seemed mostly tame– more drunken celebration than riot

Plenty of pictures and videos, of both La Salle students and the team, are after the jump. This is easily the greatest thing to happen to 20th and Olney since David Murphy graced La Salle with his presence and tuition dollars. But somewhere, Penn State students feel that not enough buses were overturned.

Float yourself over the jump, will you.


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  1. a team no one care about since the L-train was there, now has a monsterous fan-base. Awesome for them for beating a team seeded 1 spot lower than them

  2. Well, everyone just loves a Wiener. Well at least your Mother does. Oh wait, you mean to say LaSalle is a winner? My bad. Some people like that too I guess..

  3. @whats that? – what does them beating a team seeded one spot lower then them have to do with anything? They also beat a team that was seeded 9 spots lower then them. It wasn’t their choice to play the 12 seed in the third round, that was the hand they were dealt. I guess you won’t be impressed if they happen to make the Elite 8 because they will only be beating a team seeded 4 spots lower? Isn’t that what this tournament is all about anyway? Rooting for and watching schools “no one cares about” knock off better teams and higher seeds in hopes of keeping their dream alive for a national title. Get off the negative train brother and enjoy life.

  4. Happy for La Salle, and if I was there I’d be the first one to run out into the streets to celebrate, but I think the trash throwing and bottle breaking was a little much. Those streets are bad enough as it is. Hope they can keep winning and celebrate an Elite 8 and Final Four without be destructive

  5. I am very happy for LaSalle students and alum. Those 3 wins were a great team effort. They seem like a good bunch of hard working kids.
    Marshall Henderon is a disgrace.

  6. Doctober,
    No one could tell the difference this morning after the “riots”

  7. James
    they won a 2nd round game (it was not the 3rd rd) game, and yes… there is a reason to be excited, but to dance around and smash shit in the street like assholes because they beat ole miss is stupid. It’s the same shit you fucks would make fun of another city for doing, but it happens here, to a team that NOONE has cared about again, since the L-train was here and it’s “awesome”. I even went to lasalle, and I am excited and rooting for them, but they didnt make it to the final four. Save the party…
    there were 12 lasalle fans 3 weeks ago, there are 12 bagillion now… I counted

  8. whats that?
    check your bracket, it was a 3rd rd game. The new 1st rd is those four games they play on Tuesday and Wednesday which La Salle played in (it’s basically four play in games but they call it the 1st round). Anyway, I was never condoning smashing shit in the streets and being assholes. I’m not worried what other people are doing. The sweet sixteen is a big deal especially for the teams “no ones cares about.” Like I already said, this is what the tournament is about. It doesn’t matter if went to one of these schools. You get behind the teams that don’t get there often, especially in this city. So stop being a pussy and embrace it.

  9. thanks for explaining it. I am saying that they won in the 2nd round of the tournament. The first game (as you said) is considered a “play in game” meaning that you are playing… to get INTO… the tournament.
    you are not worried about what other people are doing, but you find a need to call me a pussy and embrace a team I have actually been following all year… good points all around.

  10. Alright chief, it really is the 1st round of the tournament now, you can look it up. I was giving my opinion by calling it “like a play in game.” But the reality is the NCAA considers those first four games to be the 1st round.
    Either you really don’t get it or you just like taking things out of context. I was referring to your comment about people celebrating and smashing shit in the streets when I said I didn’t care what other people were doing (which was really just students celebrating on campus, what else would you expect?). And no, I never said embrace the team you’ve apparently been following all year. Embrace the moment, the coverage, the following, and the support. Don’t get caught up in those coming out of the woodwork claiming to be La Salle fans. Who gives a shit. Just enjoy and be happy your team is still in it, that is all I’m really saying.

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