La Salle TV and Student Newspaper Reporters Need Your Help Getting to the Sweet 16

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For a few years now, Dave Grzybowski, a La Salle senior, and his crew over at La Salle TV have made themselves known to myself and many other Philly sports bloggers, writers and outlets with their quality work and SportsTalk Philadelphia show. I’ve been a guest on it, and so, too, has just about every Philly sports personality you could think of– Howard Eskin, Tom McCarthy, Tony Bruno and Scott Franzke among them. 

I first met Dave at two years ago at Wing Bowl when he and his buddy, Andrew Groy, were interviewing Ron Jeremy. I would later bump into them at Chase Utley charity events… talking to Hunter Pence. Dave and his cohorts have also interviewed Scott Hartnell, Mac Miller, Kenny Albert, Jerry Crasnick and many others, and have passed along countless links and tips to this site.

Basically, you could argue that, given their resources, La Salle TV puts forth more effort and does a better job covering Philly sports than certain local news stations. And now they’re getting to cover their own major sports story. 


But La Salle plays Wichita State in Los Angeles on Thursday. Dayton and Kansas City, the sites for La Salle’s first three games, were easy drives drivable. LA isn’t. So, together with the Collegian, La Salle's student newspaper, the La Salle TV folks have started a Go Fund Me campaign to get themselves to the left coast. They’ve raised almost $2,000 overnight (as of writing this), but need more help:

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I'd urge you to give what you can. The La Salle TV folks have stood out for a few years. They deserve a chance to cover their team in the Sweet 16. And if they do, we'll be sure to feature some of their work here.

Donate here

UPDATE: Goal, reached:


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  1. Thanks so much for posting this Kyle. It means a lot to the rest of us here at LaSalleTV.
    Fight on Explorers!

  2. her name is Media. Says so on her tag. Just frigging look before you ask a stupid question.

  3. kudos to the students for organizing such an effort. however, im a bit perplexed here….im curious as to why a university which charges nearly $20K per student for tuition cannot find it in anywhere in their budget to splurge for a trip for their student paper. lasalle is not some small, rinky dink school in the middle of nowhere. that said, university bureaucrats look bad here when their student paper people have to resort to panhandle-like to cover an event that hadnt been experienced by the school in half of a century. however, im sure the budget does call for the covering of the salaries of many assistants to the assistant of assistant. SMH! either way, hope the kids can make it out there and cover the event for their school.

  4. That’s a pass for people in the media, hench the word “Media” on it. Her name isn’t Media.

  5. wow, goal reached in 14 hours and counting. I guess they didn’t have to ask for $10,000 they’ll just get it anyway. How much did donate? And yeah, why doesn’t the school pay for this?

  6. If the Sixers were truely PR savy, they would have been all over this. idiots

  7. Shen, not only did you completely miss an obvious joke, but you misspelled “hence.”

  8. @Informed: As a La Salle alum, I know for a fact they charge a lot more than $20,000 in tuition.

  9. @Hooty McBoob, you are correct sir. I stand corrected as the figure I saw was PER SEMESTER! so, between tuition, room and board, various fees, etc., its probably close to $40K a year! with such income, i just dont get how the school cannot or will not pick up the tab for such a trip!

  10. Media sure is a slampiece, although she may be 6’5 I think I could still take her down. Congrats on that 5k goal. You can now spend the rest of hookers and booze out in LA. Enjoy.

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