Lucasfilm Requested (Demanded?) That Yoda Wield a Green Lightsaber on Ilya Bryzgalov’s Mask

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 2.27.32 PMPhotos: Flyers

I talked about the error on Bryz’s mask on the Great Sports Debate last week, and told you about the ensuing correction – from red to green, Yoda’s lightsaber went – this morning. But now we learn that the change was requested by Lucasfilm, George Lucas’s production company responsible for Star Wars, which takes the movie’s expanded universe – and that apparently includes Bryz’s head – very seriously.

Franny Drummond, who paints Bryz’s masks, told CSN’s blog that someone from Lucasfilm contacted the Flyers equipment manager and requested the change to Bryz's new helmet. To be historically accurate, of course. 

"We didn't realize we'd be offending anyone," Drummond said. "Yoda's Lightsaber was actually an orange-ish color before we changed it. We were going for a hint of the Flyers' colors in Yoda as well. There were no bad intentions. It was just a matching thing."

Matching thing, it was. Trademark thing, too.


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  1. SPACEBALLS – “Merchandising”
    Lucas got to keep all that $$ for himself….the studio execs said ” A space flick ? he can keep the merchandising”

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