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I really don’t feel like writing about that game. There’s no excuse for blowing a 4-1 lead between dinner and cake of my mom’s 59th birthday party last night. I went from bloated, buzzed and bonered after watching the first period during dinner to pissed off and generally anti-social by the time cake rolled around. Thanks, Flyers.

There no denying the effort in the second period was laughable. But again, it wouldn’t hurt to have a goalie that could occasionally save their bacon. No matter how you slice it, the Penguins still scored three goals on 12 shots.

This quote from Peter Laviolette sums up the real problem, though:

Q:  Was there something that’s collectively missing, in terms of a killer instinct, or the ability to stay with a tempo? 

A:  There was a little bit of both today.  Even going out in the 3rd period when the score is 4 to 4.  Being able to finish off games, I think we need to do a better job then what we’ve done this year.  We’ve had a lot of tie games and a lot of situations to win games and they’ve slipped away.  Consistency is something we’ve been battling as well.  You go from a real strong first period to an inconsistent second period that ended up costing you a day.  Certainly it’s not where we want to be. 


The second period is almost understandble after an ejaculatory first. But to come out in the third period, at home, tied 4-4, with your biggest rival, with the same lame duck effort, and to never mount a reasonable offensive, is inexcusable. And hover would be a good way to describe what Claude Giroux does in the high slot and along the sideboards while his teammates go after loose pucks in the corner. Needs more captain, this team.


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  1. Philadelphia fans have a 6th sense: doom. Writing was on the wall early second period.

  2. Let’s face it, this team just sucks. They didn’t even play that great in the 1st period as most of those 4 goals were lucky bounces.
    You are right, Giroux needs to stop with the hovering and start grinding and scoring even strength goals. Seems like he can only score and make plays when he has space (ie: on the power play). I just think he is physically too weak. Needs to lift some weights.
    Man up and be a captain! I hate to say this but it’s tough to watch Crosby and see how a captain should act and lead his team. G might have to take some notes.

  3. Bryz is an easy target, and yes, he totally sucked last night. But the forwards and defense suck too. Voracek, Simmonds, and dare I say, even Rinaldo are the only guys who seem to give a real effort every game, all game. Giroux shows up occasionally, but let’s be honest, he’s pretty much sucked ever since being named captain. Hartnell going after James Neal after that goal was f’ing retarded, and it blew up in his face when they scored on the power play.
    People need to start calling out Briere, Talbot, and Cotourier for being COMPLETELY INVISIBLE out there. Danny Briere…the $6 million dollar ghost.
    If you’re going to rip Brzy cuz of his big contract, you gotta start ripping Briere too. He needs to waive his no trade clause and be moved while he still has some value.

  4. This team blows. I got a bad feeling the Bruins are going to shit all over our collective chests, putting the final nail in the coffin that is this season. Fuck. C’mon baseball..

  5. yeah if only inspector gadget was available, perhaps the bionic man or some other super hero. he’d probably want more than 51 million though.

  6. Uncle Leo: You couldn’t be more right. When Pittsburgh cut the lead to 4-2, I said to myself, “Uh-oh! This is trouble!” And, sure enough, it was. The Flyers couldn’t have been more comatose in the second period unless they gorged on turkey during intermission. Totally inexcusable!

  7. G is a fucking lazy fag. Watch the last pens goal when he gave up defending Crosby when Crosby fell down and got back up. I rather have Pronger now as a captain

  8. I would like to point out that the Flyers weren’t amazing in the first period. Three of the goals the Flyers scored were plain brutal. Vorachek’s two goals and Timonem’s goals, against an average goalie, do not go in. Thus, the score should have been 1-1 after the first. However, the Flyers got murdered in the second period and most of the third.

  9. Someone needs a copyeditor. At least one grammatical error in the content and one error in the pull quote. Get it together.

  10. When is someone gonna blame laviolette? He limits cooter to 10 minutes of ice time against a team he absolutely dominates. Giroux and the players share some of this, but this team under Lavy very rarely puts together a solid 60 minute effort; we either come out soft and get pummeled or we start out strong, get the lead and sit back like we did last night (though I agree with others in that we did get lucky in the first).
    Bryz sucked last night, and hasnt been as good as he was for the first month…but he picked up his teammates slack the first month of the season. Goalies are very streaky to begin with, and he can only be a stone wall for so long with this defense shitting themselves like they’ve done every night. And again, part of this issue is laviolette as well…I get that it’s a short season, but Bryz had what…one, two nights off all season, a season in which they played like 19 games in less than a month? That’s pretty suspect decision making if you ask me.
    The contract argument is bogus because A) he’s played pretty well since the all star break last year, and that contract was a product of the same system that paid Matt Carle 35 million or whatever ridiculous sum he got. Hes not Rick DiPietro, so stop acting like he is…
    And B) if we’re going by those standards, then we should be trying to run Ryan Howard and Cliff Lee out of town. Seriously, Kyle, Lees stats have suffered because of the guys around him since his return, yet he gets off Scott free, while you continuously nail Bryz to the wall. When lee started the one season without a win for the longest time, I don’t remember you saying, “Yes, the offenses run production has been laughable, but it’d be nice to have Lee get a complete game shut out every once in awhile… but no matter how you slice it, Lee is still 0-6.”

  11. I think wants G admits he’s gay and enjoys sucking cock in old city and nolibs the weight of the world will be off his shoulders and he’ll start playing like the top30 guy he is

  12. Wow, so not even a year after singing Giroux’s praises during the playoff series against the pens, now you are all turning around and bashing a guy who had offseason surgery on both of his wrists and injured his neck while playing overseas earlier in the year? Give me a break. The flyers will make the playoffs this season, everything is going to be fine. Relax and stop pointing fingers at whoever the most convenient scapegoat is.

  13. How about that goal Boosh let in? Any easier and Kunitz would of been shooting at an empty net. Solid backup….

  14. Excuses excuses G is not a superstar. G was hurt, he has no one to play with.

  15. Oh he was hurt? Good excuse! Crosby was out for how long with a concussion and spinal injury, yet came back and destroyed the league. Guys a warrior. The sooner fucktard Flyers fans realize this the better.

  16. Boosh and Leighton shouldnt even be in the NHL. One top flight goal scorer and one top flight defenseman. Lets be real, when the flyers whiffed on Weber and Parise they were screwed. We just tried to forget that.

  17. I’m a huge flyers fan, but this team is not making the playoffs. Unless Mezaros comes back and their defense become good magically, and people other than Voracek and Simmonds start scoring, they have no chance.
    And I can’t fault Lavy for not giving Cotourier more minutes. He’s been pretty terrible this year.

  18. I don’t get all the Giroux bashing. Maybe he’s not playing like the beast he was last year, but he’s still averaging almost a point per year. He’s coming off surgeries and no training camp.
    Also, I’m pretty sure Kyle doesn’t actually watch the Flyers’ games.

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