Photos: Michael Vick is Attending Dog Training Classes with His Dog at a New Jersey PetSmart

Back in October, our very own Adam Reigner noticed a box of Milk Bones in a picture tweeted by Michael Vick.

A week later, Vick released a statement acknowledging that he owned a dog.

What kind? What sorts of training methods are being used? Is it SUCH A CUTE LITTLE BOY (OR GIRL)?

These were all questions to which we didn’t have answers.

Until now.

A CB tipster, whose claims can be corroborated by several tweeters, sent along a few photos of Vick that were taken at a New Jersey PetSmart*, where Vick, his family and a bodyguard have been attending dog training classes for Angel, the Vick family’s young Belgian Malinois (a type of Shepherd).

The tipster says that Vick frequents the store and signed up for a total of six training classes on Monday evenings, with this being the second week. The first picture was taken last week, and the following were taken this evening (Vick, or his account, actually tweeted during the class):


As a dog owner, it irks me to see Vick handling a puppy. I think when you get put in jail for killing dogs, your privilege to own one should be taken away. But, in a way, it’s refreshing to see that he is taking an actual interest in the dog’s well-being, and not in a way that’s for show– our tipster is in no way associated with Vick or his gaggle of unofficial PR handlers and image crafters. 

No word on Vick's or Angel’s progress in the class… but we can confirm that she is SUCH A CUTE LITTLE GIRL (!!!)

*We left the specific store location out so that Vick and his dog can continue going to the classes in peace.


55 Responses

    1. Vick did time fir being convicted and foe not ratting out his dog killing partners. he was more afraid of them that the criminal justice system!!! he is a con artist and should never be allowed an animal of any kind. those dogs he maimed and murdered DID NOT GET S SECOND CHANCE. NOR SHOULD HE. Michael Vick is a dressed up GARBAGE CAN

    2. Exactly! His Plea Agreement dated August 27th 2007 says: He plead guilty to Count 1 of the idictment charging him with Conspiracy to Travel in Interstate Commerce in Aid of Unlawful Activities and to Sponsor a Dog in an Animal Fighting Venture. TIME NOT SERVED FOR THE CRIME COMMITTED. It’s past time for a linebacker to put a helmet in that bag of $hits spine!

  1. The chick next to Vick is the perfect Nose Tackle for the 3-4 defense

  2. Last I checked he admitted to killing dogs. Was convicted of the gambling charge because it had a stiffer sentence. He’s still a piece of shit dog murderer. Just saying.

  3. Vick is making amends & is alright in my book.
    Also I wonder if he went hogging & fucked the fatty next to him

  4. Im so glad someone dotted out the dogs face. Wouldn’t want anyne to recognize a fucking dog.

  5. I own two pitbulls and I don’t care about this. He did his time and he seems to be a completely changed person. Shit happens, flush it… and if he clogs it then there can be a problem.

  6. Let’s get our facts straight. Mike Vick went to jail because the govt didn’t get their cutof money from his gambling ring. Let’s be honest the US Govt doesn’t give a rats ass about how many dogs he killed or how he killed them. That was just something the animal rights activists hung onto. They just wanted their money. If he was doing the same thing but betting on dog racing and never harmed a dog he would have got the same punishment. So for all the bleeding hearts out there who treat animals better then human beings this world is screwed up because of you.

    1. You sir, are a moron. Probably an animal abuser coward like Vick. No lower scum on earth. You could educate yourself about what this piece of sh*t did, but you choose not to. You choose to idolize an athlete, no matter how horrific the offense. He a person can abuse a helpless animal they can do it to a child, or an elderly person. That is how the world is being screwed up. He should have done 10 years min. in prison, right where he belongs. You can take the boy out of the ghetto……

  7. Vick. The ultimate troll.
    If he carried that dog anywhere near a goal line he would fumble it.

  8. “As a dog owner, it irks me to see Vick handling a puppy.”
    Jesus Christ, Kyle, you really are the least self-aware human being on the planet. Didn’t you get a dog on a 30-day trial run before you committed to owning it? You’re as much of a dog owner as you are a journalist.
    Go check your inbox to see if anybody saw Andrew Bynum in public, dipshit.

  9. HAHAHAHAHA! mike vick dog jokes! who woulda thought! these didnt get old in 2010 at all one freakin bit! hahaha not even remotely repetitive or irrelevant! KYLE SCOTT DOES IT AGAIN! JUST IRRELEVANT DOUCHEY SHIT THAT NOONE CARES ABOUT ANYMORE!

    1. no it i snot stupid – but clearly you are!
      this is stupid March 5, 2013 at 12:19 am

      HAHAHAHAHA! mike vick dog jokes! who woulda thought! these didnt get old in 2010 at all one freakin bit! hahaha not even remotely repetitive or irrelevant! KYLE SCOTT DOES IT AGAIN! JUST IRRELEVANT DOUCHEY SHIT THAT NOONE CARES ABOUT ANYMORE!

  10. Maybe they can train the dog how to read defenses and recognize blindside blitzes. Kind of like a seeing eye dog for quarterbacks… Or maybe he can catch TD passes Air Bud style and finally become the red zone threat the Eagles have been lacking.

  11. Who cares he only killed pitbulls. Those dogs aren’t right in the head anyway

    1. no it i snot stupid – but clearly you are!
      this is stupid March 5, 2013 at 12:19 am

      HAHAHAHAHA! mike vick dog jokes! who woulda thought! these didnt get old in 2010 at all one freakin bit! hahaha not even remotely repetitive or irrelevant! KYLE SCOTT DOES IT AGAIN! JUST IRRELEVANT DOUCHEY SHIT THAT NOONE CARES ABOUT ANYMORE!

  12. It a dog. Who cares? People beat the shit out of their kids and get to keep them and even have more. Fucking animal people need to get their priorities straight.

  13. He did his time (was handled pretty harshly in fact) and is trying to get on with his life. I might be one of the few people who like Vick, while his play is frustrating, he seems like he genuinely gives a shit.
    I don’t hate on people who dont/won’t ever like him, that’s your choice. But the guy should be able to move on like we all should too.

  14. Am I the only wondering why Vick, who makes millions, couldn’t afford to do this at his house? Maybe, just maybe, he knew these idiots would be taking pics & sending em to asshats like Kyle…

  15. bill, i agree with you to an extent. the investigation and prosecution of vick was chiefly motivated by the government not getting their share of the cheese. any time money moves untaxed, the government is on it like white on rice. they can say all they want about how it was about the innocent dogs and blah blah blah, but we all know it was really about large sums of money that went untaxed.
    as for the often wacky animal rights people, i find most of them to be very hypocritical. tehy are often very discriminatory in the animals they seek to protect. i just feel that if you are going to stand for the rights and protection of one animal, then you should stand for the rights and protection of every animal.

  16. Training ur puppy in an environment like this is the best thing for the dog…it allows for socializing and gets the dog used to other people and pet’s so ur dog behaves when it counts…home. training can’t duplicate that

  17. Vick should not be allowed a second chance with dogs….if he kills this one, you can’t unrung the bell an say well it didn’t work. Poor dog.

  18. I am not sure what I am more upset about; the fact he GOT a dog, or that he got a Mal, or with all his freaking money he went to Petsmart for training? And training a Mal yet/ No offense, but I hardly think a petsmart trainer understands a working dog mind set and energy level. ( as I PUKE)

  19. Mikey should be electrocuted or thrown to the ground until dead like he did to dogs. Once you have the ability to torture animals, you broken yo. Ya feel me?

  20. I find it disturbing to see that a man like Michael Vicks has been entrusted with a puppy! I cannot ever, nor forget the unspeakable acts of cruelty that this man performed on the animals that he previously had under his control.

  21. mikey personally physcically drowend his own you have any comprehension of what it takes to hold a adult pit bull under water to sulfocate? in his own hands, his own strength,watching the dog gasp and died. what kind of deep rooted sick is that, he gets off on it, and always will.

  22. As a prosecutor, I find it disturbing that the prosecutor and Judge handling this case didn’t issue an order that he couldn’t own another dog. This is a case where the justice system failed. His treatment of animals shows disturbing behavioral problems and a disregard for life in general. To the person who said “animal people need to get their priorities straight” – the next step that Vick will take, and probably has, is abuse of another person. So, I’m pretty sure MY priorities ARE straight. Thanks for the tip, though.

  23. To the idiot who said that he only killed pitbulls and they are screwed up in the head…it is people like you who give them a bad rap. Pitbulls are loving sweet adorable dogs when treated right. It is never the breed it is the owner and obviously with the right handling they all but 3 I believe have been re-trained and rehomed.
    This Loser (Vick) did not do one second of time for the abuse he inflicted on those dogs. People need to read the affidavit and understand the extent of the abuse before they say he should be given a second chance. And to the other idiots claiming that people should worry about kids and people that is exactly what we are doing because if he can be so sociopathic to inflict such harm on an innocent dog what could and would he do to a child or woman etc.

  24. @Shawn: CARS don’t breathe. Dogs do.
    If someone can murder a helpless car, please advise. Otherwise, shut it.

  25. @Bill: Vick was put in jail because he is a monster. He committed heinous crimes against innocent animals, including killing HIS OWN CHILDREN’S pets by using them as bait and tossing them in with dogs he and his fellow scumbags trained to fight to kill other animals. Tell me: what kind of person could watch something like that in the first place, much less put his own child’s pet inside a ring and WATCH IT BE TORN TO BITS? The world is screwed up because of people like YOU who make excuses for scum like Vick.
    @John Bolaris Poopy Pants: The poopy pants sure fits you. Pit bulls are great dogs. NO dog, nor ANY other animal, deserves to die in the ways they were forced to endure because of this monster. You think it was REALLY only pit bulls? Are you that misinformed about what dogfighters do? How many cats and other dogs, small breeds, stolen pets, etc, that WEREN’T the breed you are ignorant enough to hate do you think he killed? Probably hundreds.

  26. I’m sorry but a man with millions of dollars, who hit life’s jackpot and he decides one thing he would like to do is fight and personally kill dogs – an animal that will do anything to please their human – that is a man who is missing something crucial. They say serial killers start off with animals. Would anyone be surprised if he ended up pulling an O.J.?

  27. I understand what he did will always be remembered but aren’t we over it at this point. A bigger question that someone else brought up why is someone who makes millions is at a PetSmart for dog lessons? Public Relations would say??????

  28. After how he treated those poor pitbulls he should be banned from owning any animals for life. He can never make up for the pain and torture he forced on those dogs not to mention the bait dogs he got from only God knows where. He should have never been let back in the NFL. But the NFL doesn’t care what you have done as long as you can play football. He is not a roll model and should have been kept out of a sport where children look up to the players.

  29. Are we over it? No, i hope anyone with a sense of moral understanding cannot simply forgive and forget. Even if this man had truly “seen the error of his ways” and turned over a new leaf, he still would not deserve to own a dog because of his past misdeeds.
    As for the comments on them being “only pitbull’s” I am afraid i will also have to disagree with that too. Pitbull’s are as much dogs as i would be human if my skin were pink and yellow. Despite media frenzy and bad press, dogs are dogs regardless of appearance, size and color and all need the proper guidance to exist comfortably among human society.
    Vick’s detached cruelty towards these animals deems him unsuitable for owning ANY animal, let alone a dog. Yes there are those out there who beat and abuse children and continue to have more, but i fail to see where that makes it okay for others to do so, or even how it makes it okay for a man to torture and murder dogs.
    You wouldn’t knowingly let a registered child molester adopt children now, would you? Take a moment to think long and hard about the whole picture before you comment rather than spouting the first thing that came to mind because you saw some “evil pitbull’s” on the news once, or you “grew up with the ‘knowledge’ that they were bad”, please.

  30. If this dog is also abused, not only should he go back to jail for very long time, but the person or people responsible for putting this dog in his possession should be sent to prison with him! Who in their right mind would give this man a dog? And the B.S. he’s dishing about wanting his kids to treat animals the right way??? If he cared about his kids, he wouldnt have used their pets as bait! Talk about messed up! He also said in an interview he would let his kids choose the dog since it was for them. Somehow, I seriously doubt his kids went to him and said: “hey dad, we want a Belgian Malinois.” And if the dog is for the kids, why do reports say the dog is frequently seen with him and his bodyguard??

  31. I’m sorry, but crime pays here in the United States. Not only is (Vick) allowed to get another dog, he is making it a ‘publicity event’!!!! Oris it that crime pays if you are a famous person?

  32. Petsmart is doing publicity shots with that filth? Wow! Won’t help your business pandering to that turd.

  33. Awwwwwww he wants his kids to interact with a dog. Well, why don’t he take them to a nursing home and let them interact with the older people and talk with them. He is a piece of crap. He should have been in jail for the rest of his miserable life. Who knows what he is doing to that dog when he is out of the public eye. What is wrong with that judge that said he could have one. He is as bad as vick. what a piece of crap he is.

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