So I Probably Need a Haircut?

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On Lunch Break, Rhea and I talked about the Sixers' hilarious loss and Doug Collins turning into the Joker… and then I took it off (6:00). Sort of.

Video after the jump.

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35 Responses

  1. Kyle,
    Sleep buddy. You look like you’ve been on a coke/adderall bender.

  2. Man tell her to shut up and actually let you answer a question, she just cuts you off and keeps yappin, she looks like she had bad breath.

  3. @The Original that guy You’ve clearly never actually seen anyone on a coke/adderall bender

  4. also.. didnt retard rhea actually pick Hamels over B-Hop for winner of the week last week (maybe 2 weeks ago)?
    and then proceeds to deny D-brown because it was pre-season..
    bitches love contradictions.

  5. What is with the women sportscasters in this town who feel the need to talk over their male counterparts?? Amy Fadool is horrible as the Daily News Live modersator..she never stops yackin and interupting.

  6. Wow that was fucking weird… the Captcha from my last post was:
    kYle IS a doUcHe

  7. LOOK OUT KYKLE!!! There’s a huge bulbous horse-monster lurking next to you, and im pretty sure it’s erect! It’s got gigantic, slimy, pulsating, enflammed, scarred, nipples made out of copper and a monstrous, oozing, veiny, meaty, red, rock hard 36 inch boner that it’s going to try to stick down your throat! It’s going to slide it in and out of your soft pink asshole tenderly…In and out, in and out, before it starts to pump it in you so deep that it’s ejaculate seeps out of your nostrils. Someone do something before it rectally absorbs Kykle Snott! God dammit RHEA HUGHES, if you lay one finger on Kyke Scott, he’s going to go the rest of his lif as “the guy who lost his virginity to a fungus eating horse creature.” Quick! Someone get Keith Jones to slay the HUGHES with his enormous cunt!

  8. Everyone on that moronic morning show talks over everybody. Rhea learned from the master Angelo Cataldi, that fake Philadelphian.

  9. What is this Lunch Break thing? Ive seen it advertised on csnphilly but have never watched it. Does this thing actually have an audience? Does Rhea get paid for doing this and if so by whom and how much?

  10. Oh yeah I forgot that candy slipped up yesterday and that he’s the one really doing Angelo cataldi

  11. Kyle shave that dick tickler off your filthy face…loser. You LOOK like you run a shitty blog.

  12. In other news those douchebag nova fags lost tonight! Fuck nova!

  13. @ Ron, fake candy might be. Pre comment pw people can tell. I never write paragraphs 🙂

  14. I’m warning you now: if Villanova keeps playing the way they have been lately and makes a run to the Sweet 16*, it’s going to get real insufferable around here for St. Joe’s and Temple folks**. With that being said, here’s an awesome collection of .GIFs of the Villanova #BenchMob from our friend Brian Ewart of
    *It’s not as crazy as it sounds. The Villanova team that made the Final Four in 2009 was hardly Jay Wright’s most talented (Randy Foye, Allan Ray, Kyle Lowry, Mike Nardi and Curtis Sumpter in 2005). But it was his most athletic. Dante Cunningham, Dwayne Anderson and Shane Clark were the three long, athletic forwards that took Villanova to the next level. Unlike on the four guards teams, those three guys, along with 6’5 Reggie Redding, gave Villanova inside and mid-range scoring that put an end to the long scoring droughts that plague guard-heavy teams. More importantly, those guys contributed to a helter skelter defense that became a nightmare for teams like UCLA and Duke in the tournament. Their long arms, quickness and tenacity made it virtually impossible, for long stretches, for the opposition to get the ball into the paint, and when they were able to, a crazed double or triple-team often greeted them. This year’s team is much more inexperienced than the 2009 squad (obvs), and doesn’t have Scottie Reynolds and an NBA forward. But they play a similar style. There were substantial portions of the second half in the Pitt and Georgetown games when those teams struggled to get anything going offensively thanks to Villanova’s team defense. It can be exploited with good ball movement, but it requires patience, something that teams trailing in the second half of, say, NCAA tournament games might not have. Villanova can lose to anybody… but they can also beat just about anybody. I’m a homer and I like them as an upset special, baby!

  15. In all seriousness, Kyle who dresses you? Had like 4 layers on. How old are you? You are on a public tv show, try to dress up a bit..geez

  16. It’s funny that dietz and watson is the sponsor and kyle loves meat! the man meat!

  17. Seriously? You’re a fuckin homo Kyle Scott. So proud of your dooshbag look arent you. So proud that youre going to keep it as the top story all weekend? i wouldnt be surprised. look guys, im on TV. Go bang that mule standing next to you. You two are two dooshbags in a maxipad

  18. Kyle you need to dress like a real man/grown-up. Lose the hoodies. Decide who you are.

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