Sponsored: Godfather Locks Has Your March Madness Winners

March Madness begins. If you’re like most people, you filled out a bracket and dumped $5-$100 into a silly office pool that will be won by the unmarried, chunky and vibing executive assistant in cubicle 4B, right next to the copier. She’s going to win your pool. 

If you’re smart, however, you would go where the money is: individual games with screwed up lines because teams haven’t played each other and because neutral sites exasperate the uncertainty of March Madness. That’s where Godfather Locks comes in. They’ve spotted the flaws in the lines, just like they did last night with La Salle:

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 12.11.36 PM

Great March Madness specials. Follow them on Twitter (@GodfatherLocks) for promos and WINNERS. For real, these guys are great and help make CB possible. Well worth checking out.

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