Eight Points Out: The Chicago Black Sox Blew a Late Lead Against the Nuggets with Just Over Two Minutes to Play

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 8.39.06 AM
I’m just kidding… no one would accuse the Sixers of tanking so they could gamble with more ping pong balls.


No way.

In case you missed it last night (and, I mean, who wouldn’t be watching a meaningless Sixers-Nuggets game at midnight while college hoops action was going on?), your Philadelphia 76ers took a mile-high shit in the final two minutes of what was shaping up to be a convincing win over Andre Iguodala and the streaking Nuggets. 

I bet Adam Aron wishes he could take this Tweet back:

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 8.43.42 AM

Shortly thereafter, the Sixers ended the game in HILARIOUS fashion. Here’s a condensed version of the play-by-play from the final two minutes. Somewhere, Damien Wilkins’ agent just moved to burn all evidence of this period in time. Sixers on left, Nuggets on right: 

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 8.30.02 AM


Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 8.43.49 AM
Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 8.43.49 AM

Are you kidding? Best minute EVER! More ping pong balls, please. 

You can view the highlights after the jump, or watch Doug Collin’s post-game presser here. Is it just me, or is he turning into the Joker right before our eyes?

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18 Responses

  1. Kyle Scotts’ a jerkoff and knows not one thing about what he is talking about. The Sixers are bad and havn’t lived up to one expectation this season? Wow, we couldn’t tell.

  2. I haven’t had this much fun watching the sixers lose in a long time.. I KNEW they would lose even when they were up by 8.. this team is doomed for years to come.

  3. I know we are still kicking this dead horse over and over again. But, that was one of the most embarrassing games I ever did see. If they don’t blow up this team and start fresh I may not watch them ever again. I thought Dougie Fresh was going to lose it in that presser, grab a cop’s gun and blow his brains out.

  4. Clearly Adam must not have been around in the early 90’s when the Sixers had nothing but mutts who dropped turds all over the place. And then there’s the 1972-73 train wreck that was (and remains to this day) a national disaster. THAT, Adam, was BAD basketball.
    As for angling for more ping pong balls, that strategy won’t work since the only great college player, Kentucky’s Nerlens Noel tore up a knee a few months ago and might return to school. Lastly, Doug Collins, at this point, firing him after this season ends would be a mercy killing.

  5. Didn’t waste my time on the game..Great episode of Law and Order SVU last night..Thought DC’s post game press conference where he uttered shit on the air without it being censored was priceless.

  6. Hey maybe with all those ping pong balls we could at least get the #2 pick and in a few year’s he’ll turn the team around……..

  7. I’m still shocked there’s no post about the Bryce Harper Chipotle card. That kind of bullshit is right in your wheelhouse.

  8. I love how the Sixers managed to get a shot clock violation while trying to run the clock out. Fucking overrated Jrue Holliday just dribbled the ball 10 feet behind the three point line for 23.9 seconds and then attempted to get into the lane for a mid-range runner. He is so panicky at the end of games and can’t close anything out. And when any point guard plays good opposing defense against him (Chris Paul on Thursday) he can’t do shit.
    And don’t even get me started on Evan Turner and his god awful line drive jump shot. You knew he was going to miss those two free throws near the end. He doesn’t even give the ball a chance to go in when his shot resembles a fucking Kyle Kendrick fastball. Can we please go back in time and draft DeMarcus Cousins like we should’ve? I don’t even care that he’s a dick who fights with coach and gets suspended. At least he can play the game of basketball well.
    Oh and fire Doug Collins like yesterday. He is one of the most overrated coaches in NBA history. His career record is barely above .500 and he hasn’t won dick anywhere. Time to go.

  9. Kyle Scott fucks his mom!!! He was chowing down on her loose pussy during the sixers game and when they blew it his mom squirted period blood into his mouth out of frustration. I’m tellin you guys–Kyle fucks his mom!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jon Taffer is going to get punched in the fucking eye by one pissed off old drunk bitch if he keeps up his shit talking. I will fuck you up Son!

  11. Yourmother….He fucks his mom you fucking cunt. Go blow your knee caps out of the back of your leg with a shot gun you stupid fagit. Kyle Scott fucks his mom!!!!!!

  12. Couple more hours before Nova loses on primetime tv.
    Kyle trashes every other team in town but will never say shit about them.

  13. good god that that timeline of the last two minutes is horrendous and it still doesn’t do justice to what happened last night

  14. KYLE SNOTT YOU FAGGOT!!!! HOW DARE YOU DISABLE THE COMMENTS FROM YOUR POST WHERE YOU INTERVIEW THAT KYKE RHEA HUGHES!!!!! You’re worse than hitler, Stalin, moosallini, and Sadam combined….You’re even worse than Obama you cunt. This is the worst excuse for a blog in the history of man kind. Go sit on a knife!!!!

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