Today in “Ryan Lochte, Douchebag”: Douchebag Ryan Lochte Douchebag Douchebag Douchebag

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30 Responses

  1. Wtf is your obsession with this guy. He has nothing to do with philadelphia sports. Your blog has gone straight into the shitter.

  2. I agree with Kevin 110%. This used to be the first site I checked every day in the morning. I am a total news and sports junkie with at least 25 apps in my phone pertaining to the 2 subjects. I go thru each and every one of them methodically on a daily basis. I know that it’s been a tad bit slow in the sports news lately in PHL, BUT Kyle’s ‘effort’ he puts forth anymore is a disgrace. This WAS (IMHO) a great site….

  3. Lochte is such a douche. Just the other day, he humblebragged about needing a haircut. And posted a video of himself and Rhea Hughes talking some nonsense. But then he took the comments down after everybody starting making fun of him and Rhea.

  4. At least the girls he is macking on in that vid aren’t even hot
    U of Florida has produced 2 of the biggest douchebags – Lochte & Tebow

  5. The only person I know thats a bigger douche than Lochte is Kyle Scott. This site fucking blowsss

  6. “Special shout out to my reach around buddy, Kyle Scott for the plug. #jeah
    Posted by: Ryan Lochte | March 26, 2013 at 07:33 PM”

  7. Kyle, take it from someone who doesn’t complain about the site in the comments for every post: this Lochte bit is overdone. It was mildly funny during the Olympics, but they ended more than seven months ago. And he’s not a local athlete, so why waste space covering him? We have plenty of douchey people in the Philadelphia area.

  8. Kyle, Go right to your room young man! And don’t even think about coming the fuck out until you write about something relevant to Philadelphia sports. If you do try to come out of your room before that happens, I’m going to take away your twitter account. You should stay off the Tweets for awhile anyway, it’s obviously clouding your judgement. Nobody gives a rats ass about Ryan Lochte besides you, ya assmunch.

  9. Holy shit. I check this site after a few months of a personal ban to see if it’s gotten any better. But nope, it still sucks a gaggle of dicks.

  10. when i log on to this site, i realize its your blog and your choice in what to write about, but i have to say the lochte douche bag piece is played out and long overdue for being tossed in the nevermore file. i can understand writing about him during the Olympics, but he is not a native of philly nor is he a local and/or former athlete. so, just abandon the piece already.

  11. Hilarious at 2:09 when the black guy (bottom left) hides his face laughing at Lochte and his douche crew in the bar. Swimmers are fags.

  12. Yo Kyle WTF. This Ryan Lochte fetish is done. We all know you want on that wang. So just do it already and get back to writing about philly sports. god.

  13. Why do you tools keep saying that you “log on” to this site? Is there some sort of password required? Uneducated heathens.

  14. Again with this TMZ shit …
    God Damn this website blows
    Kyle, go bang Jeff Carter and Ryan Lochhte you faggot.

  15. Kyle, the next time that we ask you to prepare an advertisement for us, please try to do a better job. It looks like my 3rd grade brother photo shopped the image for us. And the deal is 75 cents, why the fuck did you display all of that fucking change? Is that a fucking pony bottle too? And what is the 3rd coin up from the bottom? A fucking Canadian quarter? That’s it, we are canceling your stupid Disney channel quizzo next week. Our dirty hipster customers deserve better.

  16. A lot comments about “how much this web site (blows, sucks, etc.)” yet you still come to the web site? Curious, why continue to do something if you dislike it. Sounds like these people commenting are morons.
    I have a solution to your problem…..stop checking out this website. Solves the problem.

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