Today is Not a Good Day to be Adam Aron

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A sampling of Tweets to Adam Aron upon today’s confirmation that Andrew Bynum is, in fact, an asshole. 

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  1. Poor Doug. Seriously though folks, who didn’t know bringing Bynum here was a mistake the very first time you heard about it? Who trades a good player for an injured formerly great player? The misguided and the moronic. Ugggh, Mommy needs her Mad dog 20/20….. It’s a good thing I never expect much from this team. NEVER.

  2. It’s never a bad day to be Adam Aron…even with all these dreadful tweets and Bynum news…he’s probably reading them in a house made out of golden bricks…just saying

  3. It could be worse, just imagine if Bynum came here as part of a sign and trade with a 5 year deal haha

  4. What is the difference between the poop I took an hour ago and Andrew Bynum ? I have been trying to answer this question for 15 minutes and I just can’t come up with an answer.

  5. The trade was still good. It was risky with high upside, and at the time only a fool wouldn’t have done it and hoped it worked out. This franchise was going nowhere as it was. Now we got rid of the guy everyone wanted out and freed up a ton of cap space. Now you have to hope they won’t blow it and use the cap space on a mediocre player. Wait till a star comes around and convince him to come, even if it takes years.
    What I think was wrong to do was hype Bynum up and tell us he was going to play opening night when they knew that wasn’t the case. The trade was good, the marketing to deceive people was wrong.

  6. If this summer the Sixers sign Josh Smith, Millsap, Jefferson, or some other fringe All-Star, I might just have a mental breakdown.

  7. The only thing i got from this post is the fact that I think you need to hire Austin 3:16 as a writer

  8. all of these people that trashed ARRON above are IDIOTS. The guy was HEALTHY last yr. He couldn’t predict this was going to happen. Get off his back. He would be an IDIOT if he signed him to a long term deal before he played a game.

  9. I’m apalled at how many morons have improper grammar and/or don’t know how to spell. The occasional typo is understandable, but give me a break. What a bunch of degenerates…

  10. Well first off I agree with Herbie Hancock, it’s probably never a bad day to be Adam Aron. Secondly, while I’m very disappointed with what has transpired this season and leading in to this season with the whole Bynum circus this isn’t really the worst thing in the world like you and so many of the other idiots on twitter are making it out to be. Sure the Sixers sold us a bill of goods which ultimately led people (fans?) to buy more tickets which was wrong. But to say things like this trade sent us back 10 years and we traded so and so for this dog is just idiotic. This trade helped us get rid of one of the most overpaid/underachieving players in the league and will ultimately free up more money for us then we’ve had in a while. Still the Sixers organization was wrong for what they did and they may even need to come out and offer some kind of apology or peace offering. Who knows what really happened. Maybe they didn’t do their homework or maybe they did and they saw away out of the ridiculous Iggy contract and figured they would rather take a shot in a risky situation and hope for the best.
    There is no reason for this guy to risk his health more at this point. He does have his career to worry about and honestly people need to respect his decision. Philadelphia fans tend to overract a little too much in these situations, maybe it’s because our teams seem to handle these situations so poorly. Just be honest about things. Furthermore, no one is going to offer this guy a max contract if he doesn’t play this year. If I’m the Sixers, I wait and see if he can get healthy and then offer him something for a year or two. No need to let a perfectly good center walk out of town if he can get healthy. But I’m sure to the overbearing media this guys probably wants out of here anyway.

  11. James – Nothing wrong with wanting to be healthy, but he went about it in the completely incorrect fashion.
    What he said:
    “Its my life, I don’t care what you think.”
    What he SHOULD have said:
    “I’m just as frustrated as you, but it’s more important for me to take care of my body so that I can play for you guys for the rest of my career and not cut it short now”
    Dudes a dick, Sixers management is both lying and incompetent.

  12. @Capt. Obvious – Yeah pretty much why I said the whole thing about our teams handling these types of situations poorly. A good amount of pro athletes are probably dicks and don’t enjoy the constant media attention and questioning especially when it deals with injury. That is why you have a PR department. They really should be feeding him what he should be saying or limit his availability.

  13. @THWND.
    Completely right, couldnt have said it better. My biggest problem with the trade is the way the organization and/or Bynum wasn’t honest with he fan base and totally bilked people out of honest money.

  14. One thing’s for damn sure, Bynum should NEVER go before the media for the rest of the season, especially if all he’s going to do is spout nonsense that does nothing but infuriate Sixers fans.

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