Video: Flyers Crazy Equipment Manager

I want to get this guy on a podcast. He’s the only person in America who can get away with jumping into Peter Laviolette on the bench. But how the hell old is he? 17 years with the organization?! I thought he was like 22.

End of the video is the best. Watch as Settlemyre, like every other tangible object in the world, nearly slips behind Michael Leighton.


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  1. seems like such a cool job with awesome perks such a sitting on the bench during the game, traveling with the team to so many different cities, meeting all sorts of star athletes, etc. however, i would imagine its also a challenging job too. his days must be very long as he probably has all sorts of pre-game and post-game responsibilities meaning he basically lives at the arena. also, im sure it can be very stressful when dealing with star athletes and their often absurd demands. while im sure most athletes are humble and respectful, i couldnt imagine dealing with a player like barry bonds. it would probably drive you to quit.

  2. He’s around 45 yrs old I think. Awesome guy. I’m close with the McCrossin’s & Derek comes over to Jim’s house a lot for parties & so do most of the Flyers. He is close with every single player.

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