Why Yes, Jimmy Kimmel, I, Too, Thought Blurring the Dog’s Face was Pretty Funny

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In case you missed it, Jimmy Kimmel had some fun with our Michael Vick dog training pictures last night. After the CB logo splashed across the screen – in front of the millions annnnd millions of Kimmel’s viewers – Jimmy (first name basis) explained how he enjoyed our protecting of the innocent:

“Not only did they blur the person’s face, they blurred the dog’s face out, too. Just in case he doesn’t want to be associated with Michael Vick. And you don’t want to get sued by another dog.”


Now if you’ll excuse me, I got Costas and Seacrest on hold.

Video after the jump.


17 Responses

  1. I gotta give you props. Blurring the dogs face was funny.

  2. you never saw a dog and know who the dog was ? and knew it was “so and so’s” dog ?
    it’s silly, but makes sense

  3. It doesn’t matter what you think, Kyle. You can stick this article straight up your candy ass!

  4. Good stuff Kyle. Just do you, haters to the left.
    Also, I saw Susie Celek on the last great sports debate & I thought she was pretty hot. Don’t understand all the hate. Must be another toolsy comment the same guy posts over & over using different names. Just like the delco girls comments that aren’t that funny.

  5. Kyle, would you have sex with Jimmy Kimmel if he gave you $25,000? You are taking it though… If not, name your price…

  6. Upside: Huge exposure for CB.
    Downside: Millions of people now know how terrible this blog is.

  7. Congrats Kyle, you’ve hit it big time. Jimmy Kimmel and TMZ. The TMZ thing is huge though. Now you compare favorably to professional stalkers whose lives suck so much that they have to live vicariously through the celebrities they harass. Awesome stuff.

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