Your Thursday Morning Roundup

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 8.43.14 AM
– For a moment, I thought I was seeing things when Jim Nantz (presumably with his 33-year-old wife not too far away) was on the picture screen calling a La Salle game. 

Congrats to the La Salle folks, many of whom weren’t born the last time the Explorers won an NCAA Tournament game. I liked this quote from Dr. John Giannini:

“It’s a great thing — for any school it’s a great thing. It’s really satisfying, but I don’t want it to be satisfying because satisfied competitors aren’t as good as hungry ones."


And somehow, Dr. John just described the theory of evolution. 

– The Sixers got THEIR ASSES KICKED by the Clippers last night, 806-14, and Inquirer editors were asleep at the switch when John Mitchell sent in his post-game jammity jam:

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 8.06.49 AM

– Congrats to the co-winners of last night’s Nickelodeon quizzo, Rocket Power and The Beets:

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 8.09.27 AM

– Reminder: You can grab NCAA Tournament tickets for the Wells Fargo Center right here: [Session 1] [Session 2] [Session 3]

– Your full NCAA Thursday viewing schedule.

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6 Responses

  1. No, you weren’t seeing things, Kyle, that was Mr. “Hello, Friends” himself. As for the Sixers, perhaps they were too distracted from their prayers for Andrew Bynum to concentrate on last night’s game. Like you, I no longer give a damn about this team.

  2. No story about Bryce Harper’s FREE-BURRITO-FOR-LIFE-CARD today? I thought you’d be all over that nonsense.

  3. Hi Karl,
    I am pretty sure that quizzo guy with the stuff in his face is a celebrity – possibly the artist brother from Wedding Crashers?
    Great scoop!
    – TMZ staffer Bruce

  4. Say, is it just me, or does the guy on the far right look like Javier Bardem with a bad haircut?

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