Take, for instance, an incident from the fall of 2009. Chase Utley came off the field after a workout in Philly between games of the ’09 World Series—the Series in which he hit five home runs—and came upon a spread of food for players in the clubhouse at Citizens Bank Park. Over the years, Chase has gotten seriously into nutrition; he stocks up at Whole Foods when the team goes on the road. So when he saw the unhealthy junk the team was offering post-workout—a table full of hot dogs and chili—he wasn’t having it. This is not a fucking big-league spread!

Suddenly, the greatest second baseman in franchise history was slopping the chili all over the place, dumping it on the floor, even hitting the walls. His teammates quickly pitched in. The hot dogs became footballs—it was a regular animal house, with Chase leading the way. Because that’s not how things should be done in the big leagues, especially not during the World Series.

Philly Mag, April


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  1. I thought Utley came off sounding like an asshole in this article. Great player, but otherwise, not a fan.

    1. i agree, chuck. i like utley as a player, but i detest his personality. sounds to me like someone had themselves a little roid rage incident that day and took it out on the food.

  2. He only felt terrible afterwards when he found out that the “spread” had actually been Joe Blanton’s lunch.

  3. That is excessive and boorish behavior that you would expect from someone like Lenny Dykstra. Utley is worshipped in this town so anything he does is okay.

  4. it seems the intention of the article is make utley look like some heroic rebel standing up to an unfair system, but i agree with many in the comments that utley looks like some douchey ingrate. id be pissed if i had to clean it up.

  5. I am sure this is the worst thing that any professional athlete has EVER done while playing in this town! OMG the horror…. get over it you sissy faced dick huggers! oh no he threw chili on the ground and now someone has to clean it up! JOB SECURITY for the cleaning staff! maybe if howard and rollins threw around more chili they would hustle a little more. just saying.

  6. You homos complaining were probably the same ones bitching about how fat Blanton and Howard were, he just did them a favor. So, what if someone had to clean it up. Put any article up and within 1 mins the bitching about something inconsequential will begin. I’m sure the goal of that article was to show how mistreated the Phillies clubhouse staff are, they should’ve suspended Utley for such behavior. JRoll would never do such a thing, that requires too much energy which he must conserve to run out ground balls.

    1. i never bitched about the fatness of howard and blanton because i contend that when each of them lost their weight, their production decreased as well. it was as though fat did them well.

  7. While I agree with the sentiment about the quality & healthiness of the food, Utley always has been and always will be a total effin douchebag. Arrogant POS.

  8. I really have no issue with what Utley did. Here you have a guy looking for back to back rings a that point-and blasts 5 bombs against the stinking yankees to tie the yankees own Reggie Jackson, and they try to feed him slop? While it did not work, I bet Chase’s intent was to try to fire up the team and be goofy at the same time. If they had one another one in 2009, everyone would have thought this was sheer genius.

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