Ben Revere Tapes Message of Support for Boston on His Glove… and Then Makes the Catch of the Year

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Not that a catch is going to make anybody feel better about anything… but a guy named Revere, who taped a message of support for Boston to his glove – Pray For Boston – made what might be the play of the year last night:


The baseball gods operate in unique ways.

Video after the jump.

Pic via MLB Twitter


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  1. I jumped out of my seat and screamed when he caught that. My dog nearly shit herself. I love this kid.

  2. definitely best catch of the baseball season thus far and may even wind up being the catch of the year. i didnt think he had a snowball’s chance in hell of catching that ball. the extension was amazing and then to pop up like he did and nail the runner was even more amazing!

    1. ha, yeah i just noticed that they had searched a residence in revere that they believed may have had connections to the bombings.

  3. Cliff Lee’s reaction was great on both of Revere’s highlight reel catches. I love that Revere kid. Seems very humble and just enjoys playing the game. I hope Phillies fans start to embrace him. Maybe some groupees in colonial garb. Make it happen former Wolfpack/Padilla’s Tortilla’s.

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