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Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 8.46.10 AMI’ll be honest, you shouldn’t be reading about Philly sports this morning. And I don’t feel like writing about Philly sports. I’ve been up all night following what’s going on in Boston, so instead of wasting my hot air on Twitter, we’re going to live blog this shit. Feel free to follow along, after the jump.

That’s it. Terrorists caught or killed. The archive is after the jump.

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  1. while im sure the hope is to take him alive so that information can be attained about their motives, connections, etc., i firmly believe and hope they will find this despicable, vile scum with a bullet in his head. at least, i hope they do. its clear this animal is willing to keep killing and i dont want to see another person dead because of the cowardice actions of this scumbag. he has already killed enough and now its time for him to meet his own fate!

  2. I hope they catch him and pound his nutsack repeatedly with a big black BOSOX bat.
    Oh and let Big Papi be the one doing it.

    1. Why would we let a sox player swing? Wouldn’t we want someone that wouldn’t swing and miss?

    1. Yep. Instead, you have an entire city shut down, and people ordered by authorities to hide in their homes and be scared. Sounds like these two terrorists accomplished more than they could ever hope for. As usual, the US playing right into their hands. Nation of pussies.

  3. Boston’s Irish are now joining the manhunt since bars are now closed because of these idiots

  4. Have to stop immigrants in are country.
    – imagine all the pussy the cops are getting today once they get this pos.

    1. You are dumb piece of shit. Preventing immigrants from coming here won’t solve anything. Everyone in America is a fucking immigrant.

    2. not to mention the fact that you’re talking about women swooning over cops because of this. fucker.

      1. You’re a fucking idiot for taking someone by the name of “3 finger Lenny” serious. Lol

  5. The ending to this little drama figures to be rather predictable: This whackjob will either go down in a blaze of gunfire with police, or he’ll pump a round into his own head, taking whatever warped rationale he and his brother had for the bombings to the grave. Bottom line, I don’t see this maniac being captured alive, and that’s fine by me as that’ll save the taxpayers the cost of a long, drawn out trial that would inevitably end with the guy locked up in a nuthouse for the rest of his pathetic life. Let true justice come at the end of a gun, either his or a cop’s.

    1. haha, kacie mcdonell, shot, and nut are all listed in your post. i think she is smoking hott!

  6. Better tortue this pos if caught alive. Have the dad of the 8 yr old have his way with him

      1. this is off that reddit site. not sure how valid it is and all, but it all parties do look like how they have been pictured in the media. as a matter of fact, the girl directly in front of the bag with blue jacket on looks like the girl krystal campbell who was killed and supposedly she had attended the race with a friend who might be the girl to the left. so, the pic may be authentic.

  7. Kyle, if you put a tenth of effort your doing today into the golf outing it should be a success

  8. kyle, any truth to the rumor of a potential connection between uncle ruslan and teddy KGB?

  9. Didn’t you post earlier that you weren’t going to cover this event? Now that post is gone and nobody should read about Philly sports? Mixed signals man. Not that I have any problem with you covering this manhunt but be consistant at least!

  10. “The White House situation room has been evacuated. #bostonmarathon”

    I slowly turned around, looked out my window, and was expecting the end of the world.
    BIG difference, indeed.

  11. in all seriousness, is this the biggest single-day manhunt in US history for one fugitive? based on how this all ends, you know the question might arise as to whether or not it was necessary to show down an entire city. you have to wonder how much money was lost today in shutting down boston.

    1. Dude – what were they supposed to do?

      Within 72 hours these guys set off bombs and killed innocent bystanders
      Robbed a poor 7-11 owner
      Performed a car-jacking on an innocent bystander
      Shot and Killed an officer
      Threw bombs at police

      They’ve shown disregard for the public in numerous ways. Officials simply want to keep the collateral damage to a minimum and shutting down Boston for a day is the safest way to do it.

      1. whoah, whoah, whoah! dont get me wrong. i agree that placing the area on a lockdown was a great idea. i agree that these two are disturbed and sick individuals who clearly lack any value and respect for human life. i was merely saying that its inevitable that people will probably question whether or not shutting down the city was a great idea based on lost revenue within the city.

  12. Am I the only one who knew the Phillies wouldn’t score last night in the 9th when they had a man on 3rd and no outs?

    Also, I’d donkey punch the girl in that photo.

    Also, does Obama know where the White House situation room is? He’s probably pissed right now. With these warms temps he should definitely be on the links and not have to be dealing with all this nonsense..

  13. Bad enough our own crazies are doing this, but its worse when we take scum from third world countries – give them interest free loans,free schooling, scholarships, privileged them with no federal taxes – where our own kids can now not compete with them and (quota based) guarantee them jobs.
    As working class we can not understand how people who you gave everything to, can turn on you, but they have and because of white and american guilt, it will continue to happen. Every year millions are bribed to come into our country and yet hate us – as our own govt and corporations goal is to put as many Americans out of work or take massive pay cuts to help fund the CEO’s 500 million dollar bonus.
    Currently the prez has the best speech writers giving him an awesome speech that will give most tears and our government’s only answer is to hold hands and sign songs and cry – all the while welcome new terrorists with open arms.
    This is only the beginning as our govt’s only defense will be to show us how they check every person and bag every day in the US – it is futile.
    As we keep voting for the same two failed parties our destiny is doomed.


      I thought our illogical and non-nonsensical posts were specifically catered to sports. Mac proved me wrong though. That looks like a post

    2. no one can control situations like this. this did not happen because we let immigrants come to the US. we’re all fucking immigrants.

      “every year millions are bribed to come to the US.” – You don’t know what you’re talking about. Don’t be ignorant.

      “welcome new terrorists with open arms.” – OK. You’re fucking ignorant. Save your breath and shut the fuck up.

  14. INS should Roll in bustleton & deport every Russian ASAP. These people are pure evil.

  15. Damn! That dude got lit up by the looks of things in that morgue photo. Now we just have to get the other brother, light his ass up, and finally have someone hold up his dead body to make it look like he’s teabagging his big brother. Then send the photos overseas with the caption, “fuck you!”

    1. they reported this morning that one of their devices may have prematurely detonated with him holding it or while he was near it and the blast caused a significant wound to his chest area. so great to know it was their own bomb that killed him! poetic justice!

      1. It looks like he may have prematurely detonated in his pants from that one boxing shot too. Poetic justice indeed…

  16. Kyle, stick to sports. Trust me, i’m as mad as anyone about what happened in Boston..but .i’d rather let actual news sources report on these guys than read your semi-racist tweets. You’re wasting time and just feeding the same people that you criticize in your posts. Just chill out and go back to telling me about philly sports.

    1. THANK YOU. I’m not sure who is dumber, Kyle or the other people leaving comments. Great site when it stays on topic/terrible site when he gives non-sports opinions.

      1. Did you just call this a great site? Have you not been visiting this shit show over the past year? The only reason i come around anymore is to post in, read, and laugh at the comments section

  17. What I dont get is this terrorist bitch is tweeting today about his brother getting killed and that type of shit..maybe I watched too many movies but cant they track him down through his cell phone carrier, Ip address on computer, etc…

  18. How many freaking cars are they going to look for? I think this little asshole somehow got out of the city.

    Uncle Rusian needs his own reality show.

  19. What is your obsession with the “niceness” of the cars involved in the investigation?

    If he fled in a Mercedes GLK, would that make you feel better?

    I thought you were doing a cool thing by covering nothing but the situation today, but you’re just showing how big of a douchebag you are once again.

  20. Anyone hear all the African Americans calling mike miss the other day sticking up for these clowns? Smh

  21. Hey silly willys! Lets go to “Woody’s” and grab a cold one Tyson! Helloooooooooo Friscoooooooo!

  22. Complete martial law, all for a scrawny 19-year-old kid.

    Really, how can this be scored as anything other than a total victory for those two monsters? They’ve succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

    Now that punk kid can run around just like Dorner and let the SWAT teams do his work for him. Everyone’s constitutional rights have been suspended in Boston. EVERYONE. And you all seem to be cool with this. Whoooaaaa, check out the tanks! Just like Call of Duty, bro! Sweet! Hey, maybe we should just let armored vehicles patrol the streets at all times? Then we’d be soooooo safe!

    What the fuck has this country turned into?

    1. Well fuck stick, would you rather:

      A: “Have your constitutional rights”


      B: Catch the terrorist.

      You can’t have both. Allowing people to move around will make it easier for him to escape. Locking things down insures he can’t get away.

      I used to be in your camp regarding these issues, but the more I think of it, I would rather have less constitutional rights then live in fear and have events like this happen.

      1. Are you also in this fag’s camp? “They can give me a cavity search and I’d be perfectly happy.”

        Seriously, FUCK YOU dude. It’s your ilk that’s turning this country into an unrecognizable police state. You are such a pussy.

        “You can’t have both.” You’re actually arguing that this level of response is necessary to catch ONE person?! We’re talking about ONE guy.

        “Allowing people to move around will make it easier for him to escape.” Or maybe allowing people to legally own firearms without so many restrictions would result in a citizen’s arrest. Have you ever heard that term before? Citizen’s arrest? Probably not.

        “Locking things down insures he can’t get away.” How do you know he already hasn’t? He could be well outside city limits by now.

        “I would rather have less constitutional rights then live in fear and have events like this happen.” Jesus fucking christ, open up a history book you fucking moron. Your post is such an insult to everyone who has given their blood for American freedom in the past. You understand absolutely nothing about it.

        Go read about former police states and what it means for people like you.

  23. Kyle, please retain the word “douchebag” for douchebags.

    The terrorist has far trancsended that term. He’s more of a savage, or an animal, but nothing short of scum.

    Used in context, I would never consider you “scum” but you are definitely a douchebag.

    Your usage of the English language is often incomprehensible.

  24. You really fell for that conspiracy theory BS? They really went out on a limb to predict it would be someone in their 20s. Also, the dead brother was 26, which isn’t early 20s. And they said it would be one person blamed, not 2. Don’t let the nutjobs cloud the facts with their tin-foil hat theories.

  25. Kyle. Thank GOD you’re honoring your word and staying away from the Boston terrorism story unless it had a relevant connection locally.

  26. This is glorious … Won’t load on my iPhone – thank you – keep up the good work ; enjoy your night at the office.

  27. I hate that I am getting all my breaking news updates on this craycray shit from a god damned sports blog. ftw!

  28. Good work. Who’d have thought CB would be the most up to the minute and accurate source of info? This is fantastic. And riveting.

  29. Can only imagine the free sex and free rapes that are going on in Boston tonight

  30. This guy shouldn’t worry too much. In twenty years he’ll have a cushy job as a professor at a university, and a future president may even start his political career in his home! Keep your head up kid!!

  31. Nice work, Kyle, but if you can track down D.B. Cooper and find out what exotic island he’s been chilling at for the past forty years I’ll really be impressed.

  32. Dear Jebus,
    Why do you all suck? Stop being the “stick in your ass” type. Love our Troops, Love our damaged. Love our different, and love our same. Love America!

  33. The only reason he was “up to the minute” was that he was reporting the police scanner which the media were explicitly told not to do. The BPD obviously did not want him to have any idea what they were doing or where they were, and this careless reporting could’ve had harmful consequences. I think it was extremely irresponsible to try to make a name for yourself by being the only person out there disobeying the direct request of the BPD.

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