Bruins Greeted in Philly

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The Bruins are in town tonight to take on the awful Flyers, and this is the message that greeted the team at a Philadelphia hotel yesterday (presumably the Ritz-Carlton or the Four Seasons).

via Bruins PR man Matt Chumura

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8 Responses

  1. That’s nice for those guy…but I was kind of disturbed to hear an add this morning on the radio hyping the game as, “THE FIRST TIME THE FLYERS MEET THE BRUINS SINCE THE BOSTON MASSACRE…”Yeah let’s exploit death for ratings in a dead season. Why not right? Clown ass marketing.


    1. i agree FACE and it is sad, but there is exploitation of this tragedy going on everywhere. many are cashing in on this “boston strong” through the sales of t-shirts, hats, etc.! the networks of CNN, FOX, MSNBC are just eating up all this coverage of the bombings, the suspects, and the subsequent legal proceedings. even local stores are stocking up on red socks this week as broad street runners have been encouraged to wear red socks to show their support for the boston marathon victims. exploitation knows no boundary, especially in a capitalistic society.

        1. while i dont condone scum using this tragedy to make money, its understood that scum are going to what they do best and that is be scummy! the group that has annoyed me most is the media. their up to the minute coverage had led to this all out effort to the be the first to report something. in the process, journalism has now become report first and ask questions later. in the meantime, it doesnt matter whose reputation was unjustly tarnished and/or ruined.

  2. Sucks all those people were hurt. Sucks that boy was killed. Great job everybody involved. Fuck the Bruins. Fuck the Red Sox. Fuck the Celtics. Fuck the Patriots.

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