Bruins National Anthem

You know, instead of writing a meaningless Morning Wood by how awful the Phillies were in Cincinnati, why don’t you just watch this bone-chilling National Anthem from the Bruins-Sabres game last night. Start the day on a high, you know?


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    1. Eww. They were both kinda butt, especially the one with the bugged out eyes lookin like someone just shoved a finger up her ass.

    1. Agreed. Our national anthem is way better than that tripe they sing. And the whole crowd should be involved in singing it too, every time…Has way more meaning.

  1. Ed Snider is so stuck in the 70’s, he won’t even let that fat hog Kate Smith RIP

  2. You Lauren Hart haters can fuck right off she is a god damn Philly staple.

    1. Love me some Lauren Hart, just wish they would let her sing the national anthem instead.

    2. Easy guy, I understand she is a Philly ‘staple’…but Jesus Christ, do they have to trot her out there for EVERY F’N THING? Flyers: “Hey it’s Leighton bobble-head night… Yup, we need Lauren Hart for this one…” I’m just saying, let it breathe a little. It loses the some of ‘magic’ when you see her every other day.

  3. Bone-chilling usually means scary or unplesant. Like when the Undertaker enters the arena or Gravedigger pulls up behind you. I would say this doesn’t fit the bone-chilling mantra. More like spine-tingling. Or groin-grabbing.

  4. i had spent a lot of time in boston and because of those experiences my hatred of the boston fan base grew tremendously. i found them to be so arrogant and douchey. then again, i guess they would be arrogant being as they had 3 super bowls, 2 world series, 1 nba championship, and a stanley cup in less than 10 years. while watching this vid, i was willing to forget my disdain for them. glad to see they could find some escape this week in sports.

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