Bynum Spotting: Images of a Loon (Andrew Bynum Leaves Rehab, on Crutches)

This morning, the Sixers will (are holding) their end-of-season press conference. Josh Harris will likely squeal with a pedantic, monotone drone, and Doug Collins will likely “step down,” having reached an agreement with the team.

So, while we remember the season that never was, let’s take one last look at our loon, one Mr. Andrew Bynum, who was spotted outside Zarret Rehab in Center City yesterday:


Ironically, Bynum stands beneath a park-don’t park sign… fitting for a guy whose driving and parking habits were easier to document than his playing of the sport for which he was paid $17 million.

Pic via reader Paul


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  1. Love listening to brace & marks on sat mornings with my breakfast & hangover

  2. Bone-chilling usually means scary or unplesant. Like when the Undertaker enters the arena or Gravedigger pulls up behind you. I would say this doesn’t fit the bone-chilling mantra. More like spine-tingling. Or groin-grabbing.

  3. an optimistic sixers brain team rolled the dice on what proved to be an absolutely terrible gamble. while disappointing, the trade for him was not a franchise destroyer. so, admit fault, part ways with him now, and look to explore elsewhere in free agency. DO NOT resign this bum.!

  4. What’s the point of being smarmy if you can’t even post your smarm in the right post? Shucks.

  5. lol hehe what classifies as a franchise destroyer? I am pretty sure the sixers are flirting with that term. Nobody went to the games even when the tickets were 13 cents, the coach is gone, no good players (except Jrue’s brother from the D-LEAGUE!) Bynum has a small weiner, Management is in fairy land thinking everything is going the right direction. I am pretty sure franchise destruction is upon us!

    1. yes and no. i agree that this year was a HUGE step back from last year. however, when i say franchise destruction, i am talking about inking this clown to a long term deal that paralyzes the sixers in upwards of a decade. im hoping they just cut their losses with him and move away.

  6. kyle, how about a post on the job security of cholly! that should get everyone riled up!

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