Erik Kratz’s (Amazing) Turkey Bacon Commercials

I somehow missed these on YouTube during our site chaos the past few days, but here are all three of Erki Kratz’s Godshall’s Quality Meats turkey bacon commercials… and they’re spectacular. The second one is easily my favorite.

Two more after the jump.

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11 Responses

  1. i saw this on opening day and thought it was the most awkwardly glorious commercial since Gangnam Style does Pistachios. Love kratz. Wish he was hitting like when he first came up, before the pitchers got a book on him. He was the Terminator then!

  2. i would say get used to kratz behind the plate with either tommy joseph/valle making the jump to the big leagues next year. while this may disappoint the masses, i have a strong feeling that the phillies part ways with ruiz at season’s end. i think chooch is going to command some high dough and i dont think the phillies are going to devote such high money at catcher.

    1. If the Phillies call up Tommy Joseph next season, it’s not going to be as Eric Kratz’s backup. What would be the point of that? If he’s up here, he’s going to play.

      1. oh, i agree. joseph would see the majority of playing time. however, you would still need a backup veteran so that is why i say get used to kratz. again, i just have a feeling that ruiz is gone come next season and i think many people dont sense that and will be greatly disappointed.

  3. I saw the commercial last night during the Phillies game. Does this mean Kratz gets a SAG (Screen Actor’s Guild) card for that performance?

  4. If Subway ever decides to add turkey bacon to a sandwich, Kratz and Howard will throw down.

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