The Flyers Raised Over $42k for Boston with Largest 50-50 Ever

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 10.55.53 AMHeyyo national media, let’s see this one get some attention. When we Philly folks aren’t cheering cancer, booing Santa and vomiting in your mother’s britches, we actually do nice things… like applaud Major Drumstick and raise over $42,000 for Boston bombing victims.

Last night, the Flyers’ (brilliant*) 50-50 raised a record $85,595, with half of the money going to One Fund Boston. According to this Tweet from Flyers charities, it is the largest 50-50 ever, for all of history, since the beginning of time and people keeping track of such frivolous things.

*Let’s talk about the raffle: WHY DOESN’T EVERY TEAM DO THIS? Besides the psychology behind folks wanting to play since they have a measurable chance to win, a 50-50 is an easy win for charities, too. I’m surprised more teams don’t do this at every game. And even if they wanted to be greedy.. market it as 50-50 to sign a free agent. If the Phillies did a 50-50 every game and pocketed $30k each night, they could reasonably tell fans that they contributed $2.4 million toward whichever slow, plodding white guy they sign next winter. This way Amaro can blame us when he gets fired. Everybody wins.

Anyway, nice work by the Flyers.

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6 Responses

  1. it is a common custom that during a 50-50 raffle for charity, the winner typically gives the funds back to the charity itself. that said, did the winner donate the $42K back?

    1. I feel this only appliles to smaller 50/50 raffles for beef n’ beers and local charity events. For something of this scale I believe the winner can keep all the money with a clear conscience, if anything they could make a personal donation of some sorts if they wanted to. But hey if someone won $42K and didn’t need it and wanted to give it back by all means that is extremely generous. I know I wouldn’t give it all back if I won, not even half.

  2. Yes, I agree, nice job by the Flyers in raising that money. Bravo to the organization.

    As for getting positive press about that from the national media, don’t hold your breath, Kyle, you’ll probably suffocate.

  3. Kyle. Who do the flyers play in the first round of the playoffs? “Chirp chirp”…but you take a shot at the Phillies?! And the 50-50 is a great idea, as long as the 50% that the team keeps goes to a charity…not the team itself.

  4. Fans already buy the tickets/merchandise and watch the games. Why should we pay more of the players’ salaries? So the millionaire owners can make even more money? Stupid.

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