Flyers (Somehow) Pull Within Two Points of Playoff Spot With Exhilarating Win


After causing the Flyers to fall behind, 3-2, in the third period, Claude Giroux entered sexy ginger mode and led a Flyers comeback that resulted in an overtime victory and this guy in the blue sweater clapping like a goofy son of a bitch.

Meanwhile, Bryz acted like a big baby again:


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  1. great now they make the playoffs & lose in the 1st rd. Also miss out on the best draft in years & Homer stays

  2. I wish I could quit you!

    I’m not worried about draft position as I hear it’s really deep this year. If they knock the Pens out again, I’ll consider it a successful season.

  3. Bryz “didn’t care” enough last season. Now he cares too much? This is him giving a fuck about a game, go plug your vag Kyle.

    XOXO, Mom

  4. I like that Bryz throws his belongings. Shows he cares and that he gets pissed off. He didn’t let in another goal after that. Maybe the team responded.

  5. I think they showed what in that last ten minutes of the game what we expected of them all season. They can score at will and have a plethora of players who can score. I think to ask them to make the playoffs is still a mighty feat considering there are four teams they need to jump to get into that 8th spot. I think they make a strong showing at the end, enough to save Lavy and Holmgrem’s job, but short of the playoffs. The off season will be interesting, considering the amnesty clause in this CBA. Who gets the boot?

  6. I watched the OT winner replay 10 times last night just to keep seeing the guy in the blue break it down. Glad someone else picked up on it.

  7. Better a lot flyers woke up with sticky fingers and awkward conversations

  8. This is going to make for one hell of a Weds. Night! DOC on the hill for game #2, and the flyers trying to come back from the DEAD! Sunday Funday has been moved to Weds night this week! Nice warm up for the home opener on friday….Drinking time… BOOM

  9. IS it just me or does Bryz hit the ref in the head with his stick as he throws the water bottle??

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