Flyers Trade Michael Leighton to Blue Jackets for Sergei Bobrovsky’s Backup

steve_mason_headOh this is rich.

Last summer, Paul Holmgren traded Sergei Bobrovsky to the Blue Jackets for three draft picks. Fast forward nine months and OH MY GOD HE’S PREGNANT! Bob is second in the league in save percentage and sixth in goals against. So Homer called Columbus back… and got their now backup, former rookie of the year Steve Mason, a 24-year-old goalie with confidence issues, and sent them worthless Michael Leighton and a third-round pick.

Perhaps this is a theme this year for Homer: trade away young talent, watch them blossom with new team, and then get their lesser counterpart.

The immediate reaction on the Tweets isn’t exactly good– my favorite is from Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy:

A few minutes later, the BJ’s got Marian Gaborik from the Rangers.

Mason has a save percentage under .900 in each of the past two seasons and, though he was rookie of the year in 2009, his career has taken a downturn and he likely isn’t a guy who will lead to Bryz being amnestied. He’s a better backup than Leighton and Brian Boucher, though. Then again, so are agile heat lamps.

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45 Responses

  1. Mason’s contract is up at the end of the season. He’s been less than stellar since his rookie year, but he’s only 24. Considering they only gave up Leighton and a 3rd-round pick, I think it’s a good trade for the Flyers. At the very least, Mason can give Bryzgalov a couple nights off here and there.

  2. At least we have an NHL backup now and not an AHL stiff like Leighton. With 2 back to back sets left and 13 games in 24 days remaining, I like our chances much more. Stop whining

  3. Holmgren should be fired for his moves from August 2011 to present.

    I know Kyle is salivating at the prospect of Bryzgalov, the boogey man who chased away his two man crushes Jeff Carter and Mike Richards, getting amnestied but he’s not.

    Briere will be bought out. Bryzgalov will be back. He may even win the Bobby Clarke Trophy this year, he’ll definitely be back.

    Next season, if they resign Mason, Bryzgalov and Mason will be a fine tandem provided Holmgren, or hopefully the competent GM who replaces him in May, actually bring in NHL defenseman in the offseason.

  4. Not only is he a ginger, but he looks like a guy who’d be blindsided by Chris Hansen

    1. haha, you mean of those guys who drove 2+ hours just to tell the girl that she shouldnt be doing stuff like that and have some ice tea while there.

      1. I swear I always carry lube, raincoats, and shaving cream everywhere I go. I just wanted to talk

        1. yes, im married. yes, i have kids. yes, i have a great job. i swear this is the first time i ever done something like this and i promise i will never do this again.

  5. Trading away young talent huh? Last I checked Coturier, Schenn, and Read weren’t moved today. Stick to posting pictures of Andrew Bynum putting gas in his car, dope.

      1. Bob has playd at least 13 less games in a shortened season and is riding one stellar week. Brz has as many wins as the BlueJackets total. Lets not get too carried away.
        Though ive said it before and I’ll say it again: at what point do the Flyers brass determine Jeff Reese hasnt done his job for years and cut ties?

  6. Wow, I can’t believe how many people are brain washed Flyers fans.Still defending every move this organization makes. Refusing to acknowledge how bad the Richards and Carter trade has been. Refusing to acknowledge how bad Bryz has been this year. Defending a move for a back up goalie who has been brutal the last two years.

    1. Each team gets two amnesty moves right?

      So get rid of the awful deals that Bryz and Danny B have, and use that cap space to sign a fucking NHL D-Man. Meanwhile, we can shoot Coburn out of a cannon into the fucking sun.

      1. “Meanwhile, we can shoot Coburn out of a cannon into the fucking sun.”……genius….fucking genius brother…quote of the year….and you get bonus playah points for having a outstanding name!

    2. “How bad Bryz has been this year?” You’re on fucking crack dude…Kyle, you and this guy are type OB fan you bitch about…This idiotic nimrod who, without fault, is just incessantly foaming at the mouth bitching about the most noticable position or player on the team because its easy.

      And before you even rebut, Im going to give you my response to your rebuttal Nick: Goalie statistics are some of the most misleading in all of sports. If you’re solely relying on his stats this season to pass judgement on him, you’re not watching the friggin games.

      And as far as this move for mason..Who the fuck knows. What we do know is that Leighton/Boosh, god love boosh, are trash at this point…And giving up scraps to take a chance on a guy who won the fucking calder trophy a few years ago is fine by me. If he sucks like he has the past few years, then were no worse off than we were and we can move on. If hes good, then we got a good tandem for next year….Or people like you call for Bryz’s head and Snider listens and we amnesty him, then itll turn out that the pressure of being a number one in this city will break Mason’s spirit and he’ll suck. Then we’ll be back at square one, bitching about our goalie while Bryz tears it up somewhere else…Wash, rinse, spin, repeat.

  7. Carter and Richards were great deals. Got rid of Dopey and Mopey and their gigantic decades long contracts and got four players in return. Voracheck and Simmonds both alone bring more than Carter or Richards.

    Bryzagalov is the best goalie the team has had since Hextall.

    Now, since signing Jagr Holmgren hasn’t made one good move and has sunk the team and shoud’ve been fired along with Laviolette two weeks ago.

    But trading the love birds for Simmonds, Schenn, Couturier, Voracheck and (essentially) Bryzgalov? No brainer. Great deal.

      1. Bitches about long expensive contract for one player. Defends Richards and Carter’s combined 20+ year, 125+ million dollar contracts.

        Bitches about Bryzgalov not being the guy to “Get them over the hump”…Never mentions Carter’s Game 6, cup losing, empty net missing shot.

      2. I love how you say that as if everyone else agrees with you…the people that Bryz hate have no compelling argument. Theirs, and yours, arguments are baseless and require no thought. What Richards, carter and Bob do have nothing to do with this team…if Bryz was still playing like he was for the first half of last season, you’d be 100 percent right…But he’s not. He’s fine

      3. Not trolling at all.

        This team is garbage. Which is Holmgren’s fault. Last year they were a good team that was a few moves away from being a Cup contender. Holmgren screwed it up. Every move he’s made since July 2011 has been terrible. Instead of packaging Bobrovsky and JVR for Nash, he split them up and got squat.

        This team has a sniff at the playoffs only because of Bryzgalov.

        He’s stolen wins from the Rangers, the Devils, the Capitals, the Bruins, the Lightning, the Hurricanes and the Jets. He’s started all but two games behind arguably the worst defense in Flyers history and an offense that is pretty much anemic. Yet they can still make the playoffs.

        I’m sorry you’re man crushes were traded, but I’m sure you’re heart is lightened to know that Carts and Richie moped and complained their way to being reunited in LA.

  8. I would trade Jeff Carter (41G, 17A, -12 since leaving PHI) for Jakub Voracek (32G, 52A, +3) and Sean Couturier (15G, 21 A, +6) over and over and over again.

    We’re not “brain-washed” Flyers fans. We’re the fans who actually watch the games rather than reading this blog for hockey news.

      1. It’s one lockout-abbreviated season. It’s neither time to panic, nor “The End of Days”.

      2. yo Dipshit Kyle, haven’t you been saying all year it is due to bad defense??? WTF does trading Carter & Richards have to do with that? You are fucking retarded ..

      3. Which is obviously all Bryzgalov and Voraceks fault…

        Ya know, by these standards, you should’ve been bitching this mindlessly in the 10-11 season when we absolutely tanked the second half and people started questioning Richards…It was the same thing as with Bryz: Team goes from contender to shit in a small amount of time, so instead of looking at the coach, homer, or prongers injury that season, or Brieres annual comatose snooze fest, or anyone who actually deserves blame– everyone bitched about Richards. Simply because he’s the easy target as captain and he had a noticeable off Ice persona with the partying..It was completely unfair and misplaced anger. Sure you could question the partying stuff, but not to the extent people did.. I don’t remember you calling for Richies head back then.

        Fast forward to now: the team is once again faltering under poor coaching, bad/injured defense, and lack of offensive prowess…what does everyone do? Pick on the most noticeable guy they find. , rather than the ones who actually deserve it.

        You talk about dry island and richie/Carter’s Whiskey soaked adventures as if they were an endearing, lovable quality…Yet you make Bryz throwing a water bottle out of frustration and saying the occasional goofy thing out to be the worst thing on earth–eventhough what Richards and carter did was clearly the more detrimental of the two. And for all the times you bitch about Bryz being a head case, you could just as easily, and unfairly, have made similar accusations towards Richards (kind of like Panotch did) for his laid back attitude. You didn’t for 18 but you do it for 30…why? Please explain this to me…

      4. Having Carter and Richards wouldn’t change that though. We could have Mario Lemiux and Wayne Gretzky on this current flyers team would STILL struggle to make the playoffs. Now if we had Bobby Orr and Ray Borque… (re: WE NEED EFFING D-MEN!!!!)

      5. Ya know Kyle, for someone who whines about desean jacksons bad grammar, David Murphy using ‘1’ instead of ‘one’ in a sentence, and general quality of media presentation in general, I would think you can do better
        than, “this playoffs.”

    1. Same lame response all you Flyers fans who have manlove with the Flyers say: “We’re the fans who actually watch the games”. Stifle yourself.

      1. If you think Bryzgalov has been “bad” this year, you’re clearly not watching the games. Considering how often his defense leaves him out to dry, he’s done a decent job.

        I think Kyle just hates Voracek and Bryzgalov because they’re not frat douches like Carter and Richards.

  9. Carter and Richards winning a Cup doesn’t make it a bad trade. The Flyers didn’t even trade Carter to the Kings.

    That’s like saying it was a bad move for the Phillies to let Burrell walk after 2008 because he won a World Series with the Giants.

  10. this does raise the question as to whether they will amnesty bryz then. if they keep bryz and mason next near, the flyers would be devoting nearly $8.7 million in salary to goaltenders. thats nearly 15% of the salary cap. so, either mason comes in as an expensive 1-month rental for a playoff push or they amnesty bryz.

    1. They’ll simply let Mason walk. His contract is up.

      Then again Holmgren is an idiot and Laviolette has worn out his welcome, so in order to keep their jobs another season they may well cut Bryzgalov loose.
      The Flyers love scapegoats.

      It’s Philadelphia: blame the goalie and blame the quarterback.

  11. I like the move. The kid has talent and if he gets the right coaching, he could be some thing. Maybe Bernie can talk to him and help him get confidence. Maybe they sign him and amnesty bryz while signing another decent goalie and a d man with that extra cash.

  12. I’m not the biggest Bryz supporter, but here’s some food for thought to calm the panic…

    Quoting the700level, “Bryz’s salary is not as excessive as many people like to make it seem (8th in average salary among goalies this year)…”

    Among goalies having played 30 games or more this year, Bryz is 8th in Goals Against Average (GAA) and 12th in Save%. Maybe there IS a shred of truth to the notion that with a better defense he could live up to his contract. In my mind, he only needs to be 8th in all categories and, for what it’s worth, he’s 7th in wins. Give him another year is what I say.

    1. This point pretty much dismembers 75% of Kyle’s, and the general foaming at the mouth public’s, argument against Bryz. The majority of their arguements are just wailing about his contract.

  13. Goalies job is to stop the first shot. Bryz has been stoning guys on the doorstep. Tonight is the true test…..Toronto can skate.

    Kyle , if your not gonna call Giroux, give his number to Cataldi……he can drunk call him at 6am

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