Here’s the Flyers’ Tribute to Boston Bombing Victims

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Photo: Flyers

Nice job by the Flyers tonight– they wore Boston Strong patches on jerseys that will be auctioned off to benefit One Fund Boston, proceeds from their 50-50 raffle (over $42,000) will go to the charity, Sweet Caroline was played, and before the game, the team paid tribute with a very well-done video (see it after the jump) followed by Lauren Hart and Kate Smith singing God Bless America. All good… except for the Kate Smith thing. It’s overdone. If they want to use it for the playoffs and big games– fine. But the Bullies thing is getting old in a hurry and the Flyers using their gimmicky version of God Bless America to pay tribute to victims of the Boston bombing with a figure that gained prominence in Philadelphia precisely when the Flyers crushed the Bruins to win the Stanley Cup… well, something about that didn’t feel right. They would have been better off letting Lauren Hart go it alone for this one. Otherwise, good job, Flyers. Nice touch on the three stars, too:

Video after the jump.

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37 Responses

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I remember the days when they would only bring out “God Bless America” once or twice a season – usually reserved for big playoff games. Now they seem to bust it out anytime the Flyers play a team with a vowel in their name. It really has lost its luster as a result. I also prefer it when they just show the tape alone of Kate singing, rather than pairing her with Lauren Hart trying (and failing) to outsing Kate.

  2. Cheap Eddie Snider has to let go of Kate Smith. Let that fat pig with the golden pipes RIP. Agreed very played outa

  3. that was a nice tribute. im sure the bruins organization and the region of boston was appreciative of it. as for the kate smith/lauren hart duet, its time to do away with that one trick pony show. the kate smith performances were a good luck charm in the 70’s. its 2013 so just move on from it already!

  4. Someone should tell that loser Ed Snider that Kate Smith has passed away. Doesn’t look like he got the memo

      1. Wow. Stay classy, Turtle. If you can’t appreciate an organization and its fans paying respect to victims of a tragedy, I feel sorry for you.

          1. @catch damn loser-
            3 square meals a day & free rent. Why would I want to leave that pussy?!?!?

            You remind me of a dude who loves homer & Ed snider. SMDH at you

  5. I think it’s safe to say the Flyers will NEVER be able to move forward as an organization as long as Ed Snider is running the show and remains forever stuck in the 1970’s.

  6. I cant even believe the sh*t talking on the Flyers using “God Bless America” more than a few times a year. Do you not have any sense of history or tradition? Pretty sure that multiple teams in multiple sports have traditions in the same vein. You praise them for playing “Sweet Caroline” as tribute to Boston meanwhile The Sox playing a played out 1969 corny bar song during the baseball game is OK?. Where is the sense of pride in a tradition that our team has and is unique to our team… You’re all just pissed we aren’t in the playoffs and looking to B-tch about anything.

    Get real and embrace something that is special and unique to our team and our city.

    1. Nobody is hating on God Bless America you tool. We’re hating on the fact that they still show the Kate Smith footage and do it for any menial game. That shit wore thin in the 80s. The only people that like it are people like you, who’s whole life revolves around the flyers. Every must win home game for them and you’re probably sitting at home all day wearing your Dave Schultz jersey saying “I hope they bust out Kate Smith tonight! that will inspire us to victory!!!!”

      1. pretty sure they dont play it for menial games… they played it the day of the bombing and the first game against the bruins after the event. you dont know me so dont tell me what my life revolves around, but the flyers are my favorite sports team in the city. and you must never have played in any kind of sporting event with any kind of bigger picture or tradition involved… because as much as you think the players dont draw inspiration or get amped up when something like Lauren and Kate singing God Bless America happens… your wrong.

        1. sorry deebs, but i respectfully disagree with your viewpoint. i dont doubt that flyers players back in the 70’s drew inspiration from kate’s rendition of God bless America, but i sincerely doubt that today’s flyers get amped up. i dont think it means much to today’s players being as the league is much more diverse than back then and since its today is more a transient league, most probably dont even sense it is a tradition to begin with.

      2. No, i’m hating on it. It’s not the God damn national anthem.
        Give me the The Star Spangled Banner any day. Fucking song brings tears to my old weathered eyes every time.

    1. You’re hate on for volunteer firemen is almost as bad as you’re hate on for delco. Agreed, they may be peculiar. But when your house is on fire and you call them, they don’t know who the hell you are, and don’t care, they come running to help and put their own lives in danger while you’ll huddling at the curb with your teddy bear or delco tranny. Or worse yet, you’re inside the house and they go in to get you. You are a pathetic chunk of zebra excrement.

      1. defending volunteer fire fighters but using words like f*ggot.

        bet your sitting around the fire pole right now with your boys talking about some more ignorant sh*t.

        1. Actually I’m at work. You know what that is??

          Also, the Kate Smith thing must really get the team fired up. Must be why they’ve won so many championships over the last 40 years.

  7. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I don’t think Lauren is a very good singer, that said I’m sure a ton of you will disagree and say that her singing is a tradition. I wasn’t born yet when Kate Smith sang for the Flyers, but I understand who and what she is to Flyers’ fans myself included. Do I think she should always be used? no…but I also think we could find someone better then Lauren.

  8. wtf?! what is wrong with you people? Way to have an intelligent conversation! and wouldn’t you like to know!?

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