I’ve tried to make a habit of not posting pictures of boy bands wearing tucked in baseball jerseys on CB (and I think I’ve done pretty well with it), but this picture is floating around Reddit today and, well, it was destined to wind up here. Seeing it, I need to know how the fuck Justin Timberlake ever went from this to this:


Photo: NBC

It’s no secret that he turned cool sometime around Dick In A Box, but seeing old pictures, from when he was the prototypical boy band douche, makes you wonder how that happened. I mean, he was wearing a puka shell necklcase with a Phillies jersey tucked into (light) blue jeans in this picture. Now he’s rapping with Jay-Z, fucking Jessica Biel and is beloved equally by both sexes because he’s A) good-looking, B) cool and C) funny. It doesn’t make sense. He was once a terrible human being… now he’s the bar for which every dude aspires to be, and he throws hidden jabs at Kanye while he’s rapping with his buddy on SNL. What a world.

And to Lance Bass: Yeah, we knew.

Anyway, if anyone knows the context of this picture, do share.