Of Course The Yankees Have Fan-Harassing Private Security Detail

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I read this story twice to make sure it wasn’t some sort of satire. As best as I can tell, it’s not– the Yankees actually – allegedly – employ hoodlums to travel with the team and rat on hecklers and would-be instigators.

This blog post, via Hardball Talk, about the private security detail that follows the Yankees around and hangs out in outfield concourses around the league:

Fans of Toronto beware: the New York Yankees can pretty much kick any fan out ofRogers Centre. How you ask? Bullpen trolls. Individuals paid to travel with the team to enforce and control the fan environment that their players participate in. On the surface, this may seem harmless, but on Friday night during the Blue Jays-Yankees matchup, these individuals preyed on fans who did nothing but be fans. They told the Yankees bullpen staff they sucked, booed them, creatively chirped them and then, as if a threat to the safety of these players, these fans were removed by police, one bloodied and arrested.

To eschew any accusations of bias, I and many others in our section witnessed two individuals in Yankees jackets, complete with Yankees lanyard ID tags walk into our seating area and point out to Toronto police two fans who were chirping and heckling the Yankees bullpen. One individual, who was later violently arrested, did nothing but look at these two Yankees “men in black”. After starting a chant to the tune of “Yankees suck”, one of these bullpen trolls decided to photograph me with their mobile device. With a disgusting smile, he waved at me.

Somewhere, Alex Jones just blamed these guys for the Boston bombing.

But for realsies, this is ridiculous. I have no problem with the Yankees, perhaps America’s most famous (and hated) team, traveling with their own security for players – in fact, I applaud it – but it is oh so Yankees to rat on boisterous fans daring to dissent against the Evil Empire. Like, heckling has long been a part of the game. This is more controlling the message than protecting the players. This is how Saddam ran things. How Kim Jong-un does his thing. And, apparently, the New York Yankees.

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  1. Well now, that’s certainly interesting. I wonder if George would’ve employed that sort of goon squad when he was alive. Clearly, this is a production of his douchebag sons who are doing all they can to make the Yankees even more hated than they already are.

  2. This should be shared with every stadium police, security official and usher in MLB. So next time when one of these bag of dicks comes up to complain about a fan, they remove the Yankee Official from the stadium for being a cunt.

    1. Agreed. And the fans in that section should have swarmed those assholes and reminded them the odds are 40,000+ to 2.

      1. Well it was Toronto so probably more like 40 to 2, but I get your meaning, and I still like those odds.

  3. I was nearly kicked out of Citizens Bank game 3 World Series. Had a single ticket ended up in Yankees friends/family section – after sporting my phillies gear and cheering for first couple innings I was ambushed comin out of the bathroom by Paul O’Neils brother who said he was the “head” of the friends and family section. Sure enough told me to keep my cheering down and not flaunt my Phillies gear. Sure enough by the 8th inning he had 4 cops come stand by row and said either keep down on the cheering or be removed from the game. I got up and left the section couldn’t deal with the snobs anymore. Plus I was accused of hitting Nick Swishers grandmom in the head with the rally towell or some shit. Morale of story is screw Yankees fans and Paul O’Neils brother.

  4. Ironic, as some the absolute worst “fan” behavior I have ever seen was at the old Yankee Stadium.

    What’s next? The Dodgers (who have, hands down, the worst “fan” behavior in MLB) following suit?

  5. Hypocrites. As if the same thing isn’t done to the visiting team’s bullpen at Yankee Stadium.
    Here’s a thought: you’re being paid millions of dollars to throw a ball. Perhaps you can be less of a prima donna and focus on your job of throwing the ball?
    This is the majors, right? not a little league game. Grow a set, man up, and develop thicker skin.
    Besides, how bad could Canadians talk smack? ‘Hey you hosers suck, eh!’
    L A M E

  6. Wow thank you for this article. I have nothing wrong with the Yankee players, but I’ve seen this as well first hand and let me tell you the things that were said by the Yankees ‘staff’ and people who work for the organization were just plain ridiculous. It’s no longer fun to go to a game and get into arguements over cheering. Or being told what to do or what to say at a game. Honestly I can’t believe it’s come to this.

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