Perhaps Not Surprisingly, the Trenton Titans will be No More

From the release:

The ECHL and Trenton Titans announced on Tuesday that the Trenton Titans have ceased operations and the team will not compete in the 2013-2014 season.

The last 14 seasons have seen numerous great players and moments, including several playoff appearances and a Kelly Cup title in 2005. Trenton also has had the privilege of working with many great NHL franchises, such as the New Jersey Devils and the current affiliate in the Philadelphia Flyers. These relationships were vital in the growth of Trenton hockey.

That’s not surprising.

Back in February, we posted a picture of an eviction notice players received from management at a complex where the team rents some of its players apartments. This one:

At the time, a request for comment sent to a (very hard to find) Titans spokesperson was never answered. Here’s what a tipster had told us:

“This is a photo of the eviction notice that was posted on all 12 of the Titans players’ apartment doors. I work for the apartment community that the Titans live at. This is the second time in six months that they have gotten more than two months behind on their rent. I guess with the lockout not too many people were checking out the Titans if they can’t even afford to pay for their players’ rent !!!! [editor’s note: !!!] Last time this happened Niko Hovinen (a goaltender with the Flyers organization until just recently) switched the lease into his name cause he was scared he was going to have to find somewhere else to live. Just thought I’d share. Thanks.”

Yeah, it was only a matter of time. Who knew hockey in Trenton wouldn’t work out?!

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  1. I know a man on the board of directors for the Titans. Get this. I told him the team was folding up for next season, he had no clue. Just a few months ago the team was looking for “investors” within the board of directors and one silly man (not the one I know) “Invested” 90 grand in the team. Ouch!

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