Rob Zombie, on “Broad Street Bullies” Movie

“That [script] is finished. I just finished it. That was an epic battle because that was the first time I had to really research something. There’s no fiction in it, it’s all true. It was a year of research, my God, I read every f–king book and, obviously, the game ends with game 6 against the Bruins when they win the cup. I must have watched game 6 a thousand f–king times until I had it memorized. It’s a pretty epic script. I was just in Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago and all of those guys still go to every game. I was sitting in the box with Joe Watson and Bernie Parent. The Broadstreet Bullies still reign there. I got to get that movie right or they’ll take me out and hang me.” via Buzz On Broad

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12 Responses

  1. “The Broad Street Bullies still reign there.”
    And this is the crux of our problem.

    1. you can celebrate history and still have a successful modern team. You sound like that pussy missanelli

  2. Eddie Snider has been milking the broad street bullies success for 38 years. Get over it, you old pervert creep

  3. Zombie better get it right or he’ll be back workin for Pee Wee Herman.

    “Mystery Alaska” is the best hockey film. cause I said so.

    When I was 15 the Flyers played a charity softball game in my town. watched Doug Favell sign a womans tight sweater…..I’ve had some drinks with The Hound at Rexys. just met Bernie and chatted him up in the concourse. just regular guys with talent that made sports history……Fuck Eddie Shore

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