Source: Bryz was Benched Because He Fell Asleep During Team Meeting

Yesterday, the Flyers, curiously, announced that Steve Mason would be starting against the Islanders. This was surprising for two reasons: 1) the Flyers rarely announce a starter before their morning skate and 2) it wasn’t Ilya Bryzgalov.

A well-placed source tells me that the likely reason why Mason got the start in a huge game (they’re all big now, aren’t they?) was because Bryz fell asleep during a team meeting on Monday. Not nodded off– out.

While I was working on this post, Tony Bruno and Harry Mayes first reported the same thing on 97.5 The Fanatic.

Bryz being benched for falling asleep would explain some of these quotes, as told to Randy Miller of the Courier Post:

“To be honest, I don’t care [if I’m a Flyer next year]. Really, I don’t care. I have no control on this, so why should I care?”

“You gotta understand every year I get older and older. I’m not getting younger and younger. Believe me or not, some veterans tell me, ‘How could you be tired?’ I said wait until you get 30. You can feel everything. Your body changes.”

“You’ve gotta understand we’re just employees here and we have front office and coaches who make the decisions with the lineups and what kind of team they created. You’ve got to accept it or what are you going to say?”

You’re going to say: Amnessssty.

UPDATE: The Flyers, of course, denied the report:


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    1. i never liked him mainly because of the following quote he made before the winter classic, ““The great news, I’m not playing—the good news, we have a chance to win the game tomorrow.” that quote comes from a $51-million dollar goalie prior to what was the biggest game on the schedule. it showed his true character–a loser and a jackass!

  1. More overreaction to not-as-awful-as-people-will-make-them comments. I’m a die hard Flyers fan, and he is right. He’s not replying to his desire to be a Flyer. He’s commenting on how he has no control over whether or not he gets amnestied. He also went on to say he may want something (to be a Flyer) that the front office may not want. But you, curiously, left that part out.

    ““You know, I have no control in this,” he said. “I can’t read the people’s mind. I can’t project things what they’re thinking, that’s why I’m not worried about things I can’t control. I maybe want one thing and they want a different thing.””

    1. He said, “I MAYBE want one thing and they want a different thing.” First, the maybe is a red flag because it essentially discredits what he is saying. Second, How can you ignore a player saying, “I don’t care [if I’m a Flyer next year].” It sounds like he is indifferent to the game and doesn’t care much about playing. He is working his way out of the door. I used to think we should give him one more full-year and then decide, but I’m about done with the circus that is Bryz.

    2. he does have control, dipshit. If he plays like a goalie with a 5.7 mil cap hit he won’t get bought out.

  2. Gonna be hilarious to see the panic moves Homer makes this off-season.

    Lets face facts – this team overachieved last year, wildly. About 6 people had career years – Talbot, Read, Simmonds, Hartnell, Giroux, Carle.

    Jagr made Giroux look better than he is (which he is still talented, but still) who in turn made Hartnell look better than he is. The D was healthier and playing much better. Bryz was worse, but when you are rolling 4 lines like we were last year it didn’t matter.

    I’d be surprised if this team good next year. Hell, I’d be surprised if they are good two years from now.


    1. Read had a career year because it was the only year of his career…Simmonds is 24 years old so it’s not fair to say it like that was his peak, which it’s not. Point wise last year was only Matt Carle’s third best season of his career, +/- wise it was his 4th best and most Flyers fan can agree that he didn’t play all that great. Hartnell and Talbot – yes. Clearly career years and likely won’t ever reach that level again. Giroux will be fine, he’s 25 years old and is having a down year (which is still a point per game mind you). If anything this team greatly UNDERachieved this year not overachieved last year.

      1. Granted, this year has been a perfect storm of shit but I don’t know how anyone expected the team that lost its defensive minutes leader and Jagr to perform at the same level as last (given how many people played above and beyond their normal capabilities)

        First, read this article –

        Simmonds – Yea, hes young and he could score more, but I think realistically he isn’t going to break 60 at best. That is another 11 points on his 2011-2012 numbers, which over an 82 game season means one extra point every 7-8 games. He’s on pace for 57ish right now – but I’d like to point out that not only is the shortened season fucking with peoples numbers (like with Jeff Carter who is on pace for 47 goals, JVR is on pace for 57 points) but a large portion of Simmonds 12-13 numbers came in an 8 game stretch when he rattled off 11 points. Since then, he’s had 6 points in the last 15. Could I be wrong? Sure – and I’d love to. Chances are that he is he going to be vastly better then he was in 2011-2012? Slim. The numbers don’t lie – hes basically already peaked.

        Read – Hes 26/27 (I think 27) He is currently on pace for 47 points this year, which match his numbers from last year exactly. He is already over the scoring peak. He probably won’t hit 50. Again, I’d love to be wrong.

        Hartnell – Already on the downtrend of his career. He averages around 45 points a year, the exception being when he caught fire with Danny and Ville 08-09 (60 points) and last year (67 points) Oh, and his numbers this year – on pace for 24 points in an 82 game season.

        Briere – His numbers have been going down with consistently ever since he signed with us. Assuming he was fully healthy, roughly rounded numbers into full 82 game seasons would be as followed – a 95 point season in Buffalo to 73, 72, 58, 58, 70, 57, 42.

        Carle – His advanced statistics were some of the best of his career. See
        Losing him was huge.

        Cooter – dropped 27 as a 19 year old rookie. Playing big minutes. Realistically, you could have expected an increase, but how much is debatable. His game is a strong 2 way C (Richards ceiling!) Despite decreased icetime this year, hes still on pace for 27 points in a 82 game season. Maybe we could have gotten 30, 35 points out of him – seems high for a 3rd line C who sees no PP time.

        BSchenn – Last year, he was on pace for – guess what – 27 points as a rookie. This year, hes vastly improved his pace to 47 points in an 82 game schedule.

        Vora – Roughly a 50 point a year guy. Exploded this year to 39 in 39. Anomaly? Hard to tell. My guess is yes.

        So, if you really want to tell me that you expected this team to do better than last year, well then I have a bridge to sell you. You lost Jagr, JVR and the ability to roll 4 freaking scoring lines because not everyone is scoring lights out, and you lost your best Dman. All of the 6-4 games last year really whitewashed the real issues.

      2. I think you’re totally overlooking Matt Carle’s affect on the defense and the team as a whole. It’s not all about plus minus and points for a defenseman. Like you said, Bryz didn’t play well last year so Carle’s plus minus suffered as a result. The flyers really miss his ability to quickly pass the puck up ice or actually maintain possession end to end. Their zone entries are very bad this year and losing him is a big part of that.

  3. Well, I think it’s safe to say the Iyla Bryzgalov era in Philly is pretty much over. With last night’s loss, the Flyers are pretty much cooked in terms of making the playoffs, so now Homer has an excuse to order Laviolette to play Mason the rest of the way to see if he’s worth becoming the new sacrificial lamb in net after Bryz gets hit by the amnesty bullet.

  4. Remember now, all sports i.e. Entertainment is a healthy respite from our daily shitty lives.
    That’s all it is.

    Coach Vince Lombardi : Gentlemen, we’re going to go back to the basics……this is a football….

    Max Magee : Excuse me coach, could you start over ?

  5. Flyers will make the playoffs, they have the best player in the world and great leadership

  6. I hope Kyle talks about this on the new Great Sports Debate! All 6 viewers will love it!

    1. that show is still on? the ratings tanked big time when they brought kyle onto that show. what do you expect from kyle? he never has nothing positive say about the flyers. he hates them. he’s making up rumors just like eskin but the only difference is that eskin actually has real sources and connections.

  7. I don’t dislike Bryz. As a person, he seems to be a funny, decent guy.

    That said, whether the Flyers struggles are his fault or not, I won’t miss him. His act is tired.


  8. I’m one of the biggest “Bryz apologists” around but If this turns out to be true, amnesty him. What’s annoying about bryz is not his play, it’s all the stigma surrounding the mention of his name created by the negative philly media and the morons that chant his contract numbers. I’m sure if he’s amnesty’d it will be different for the next poor mother fucker to play goal in this town. personally, i never wanna see Hartnell, Briere, Talbot. Mez, Gervais in a flyers uniform again after the end of the month. However many picks/ prospects can be traded for, or amnesty clauses used, to accomplish this goal, so be it.

  9. I think Giroux playing in Germany n idolizing hilter is making it hard on him to play for a Jew

  10. Not defending Bryz or his inability to stop a puck, but I’d guess about 50% of what he says gets lost in translation. It’s important to remember that his native language is Russian, not English, and as Kyle’s many attempts at Google-translating eastern European articles has shown, the two don’t always match up. Maybe “I can’t worry about that” in Russian loosely translates to “I don’t care” in English. Maybe it’s too inconvenient for the media to consider that.

  11. Lol. Kyle you have no credible sources.

    Just admit that you stole this story from 97.5. Don’t pretend they beat you to it.

  12. Wow, to just add in “I don’t care if I’m a Flyer” to that block of text is a GIGANTIC leap from what the actual quote was. Terrible journalism.

  13. Talking to the Courier Post on Tuesday, Bryzgalov stated he doesn’t care about a possible buyout this summer.

    “You know, I have no control in this,” he said. “I can’t read the people’s mind. I can’t project things what they’re thinking, that’s why I’m not worried about things I can’t control. I maybe want one thing and they want a different thing.”

    Bryzgalov has a career-low .896 save percentage that is likely affected by the sub-par defensive game by the Flyers this season. While the outspoken goaltender is more than willing to opine on anything related to the space program, he wasn’t willing to step in and call out his teammates like another veteran goaltender had the night before.

    “We’re 10 games away from the end of the regular season and I don’t want to make any comments on better or worse,” he said. “We’re kind of in the middle of a fight for a playoff spot and I think it’s the wrong time to make some statements about how you play, how team play, how everything is going.”

  14. for what it’s worth,
    i like Bryz…not the best, not the worst…he is a freakin’ riot , i just like his humor and personality,
    when he is on, he is tough to beat….every goalie in the league gives up soft goals.
    if they buy out Bryz, and rely on Mason, all of us philly fans will be crying the blues, because, he is not that great.
    unfortunately Homer gave up on Bob, IMHO, a huge mistake(20/20 hindsight)
    but as a serious hockey watcher since 1967, i could not for the life of me understand
    losing Bobrovsky. i had not seen a goalie that good since pele lindburgh
    just my opinion.

    Pekka Rinne NAS $7,000,000 2.29 .916
    Henrik Lundqvist NYR $6,875,00 2.13 .926
    Carey Price MON $6,500,000 2.28 .915
    Cam Ward CAR $6,300,000 2.84 .908
    Ryan Miller $6,250,000 2.78 .914
    Niklas Backstrom MIN $6,000,000 2.39 .915
    Miikka Kiprusoff CGY $5,833,333 3.58 .873
    Ilya Bryzgalov PHI $5,666,667 2.88 .896

  15. my feeling regarding “the straw that broke the camel’s back” with Bryz, was the puck duck a few games ago….

  16. This is literally the only site that has insinuated that Bryz doesn’t care. Theres no way you can read that interview and jump to the conclusions you did, Kyle. Even despite his broken fuckin english, theres no way any reasonable and objective fan can misinterpret that. Not without having some goofy fuckin bias. It was the same thing last season with his interview with that Russian reporter: He made an harmless, unoffensive, innocuous comment about Flyers fans, and you turned it into, “RUSSIAN GOALTENDER SAYS FLYERS FANS SUCK!!! FIRE HIM!!!”  Its the same thing by making a big deal about the ramblings of ONE person’s story of him supposedly being rude from the carnival last year. Despite there being dozens of other stories to refute this, or even bothering to see if this man was credible, you jump right to, “BRYZ INSULTS FAN TO FACE!!! FIRE HIM RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE 51 MILLION!!!”

    Seriously…This is why no one can take you seriously Kyle, and why half the comments on all your posts insult you and call you out…You take a man who is simply saying that hes just trying to worry about the game and things he can control and you blatantly interpret it the wrong way so you can keep on pushing your bogus anti-bryz agenda. I can’t wait to read your next post criticizing David Murphy, Adam Aaron or Dave Spadarro for being disingenuous.

    1. Oh, by the way, most of the games Bryz has played this season have been similar, or better, than the one Mason played last night…Wheres your smart-assy post criticizing Mason for not bailing his team mates out or keeping the team in the game? Wheres your post critisizing his salary? The flyers DID just make him one of the highest paid back ups in the league, so he should fuckin play up to it shouldn’t he, now? Where are all the irrelevant stats to prove Mason is terrible, even though they are more a reflection of terrible defense letting guys fly by them or even tipping them in the net themselves?

      You’re a joke.

  17. Kyle – It doesn’t matter if you were “working” on the story when someone else actually reported on it. You were scooped…now let it go. I enjoy your site but this whinning is kind of annoying.

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