Sponsored: Phillies Begin Eight Game Home Stand, Ticket Prices Experience Slight Drop

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By Dan Groob, TiqIQ

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With the Philadelphia Phillies off to a disappointingly slow 6-9 start and the division rival Atlanta Braves setting Major League Baseball ablaze as the hottest team around in the early going, it becomes imperative that the Phillies right the ship quickly.

Fortunately for the Phils, they’ll get a wonderful opportunity to do just that over the next week as they return to Citizens Bank Park for an eight game home stand against the St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates.

The Phillies will kick off the home stand tonight with Cole Hamels taking the hill against St. Louis ace Adam Wainwright. Wainwright is coming off a four-hit shutout of Milwaukee, complete with 12 strikeouts. Despite the fact that Wainwright is a significant road-pitching draw, ticket prices for tonight’s game are the lowest of the entire eight-game home stand, carrying an average price of $55 dollars. The get-in price for tonight’s contest is $13 dollars.

Prices for Phillies tickets prices receive a slight bump for the remainder of the series, with Friday’s contest checking in at $67, while Saturday and Sunday both price over $70 dollars. However, despite Sunday’s game being nationally televised on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball, it actually carries the lowest get-in price of any game of the series at just $11 dollars. The Cardinals series as a whole carries an average price tag of $69 per ticket, 24% below the Phillies season average of about $91.

  • 4/18 Cardinals vs Phillies – $55/$13
  • 4/19 Cardinals vs Phillies – $67/$20
  • 4/20 Cardinals vs Phillies – $82/$27
  • 4/21 Cardinals vs Phillies – $72/$11
  • Series Avg: $69 (24% below home avg)

When the Pittsburgh Pirates come to town on Monday, ticket prices drop back down into the 60s. Average tickets for each game of the series are tightly priced, with Tuesday’s contest the least expensive at $62 dollars, and Thursday’s the highest priced at $68. Monday’s game carries the highest get-in price at $15 bucks, while fans can enter the turnstiles on Tuesday for as little as $10.

The average ticket price for the entire series checks in at $65 dollars, 29% below the Phillies season average.

  • 4/22 Pirates vs Phillies – $66/$15
  • 4/23 Pirates vs Phillies – $62/$10
  • 4/24 Pirates vs Phillies – $65/$11
  • 4/25 Pirates vs Phillies – $68/$13
  • Series Avg: $65 (29% below home avg)

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  1. Kyle,

    Love the site and I think you do a good job.

    But why do you gouge on your ticket fees. Buyer commissions on your sites are like an additional 20%. Your numbers are false. You may list prices at $20 but after checkout, you have to pay like over $30 plus your fedex shipping is a rip off.

  2. But if I actually go to a game and watch this shitty team I won’t know when they’re employing the “no doubles defense” cause I won’t have Chris Wheeler there to tell me. Thanks for the discount, but I think I’ll just watch and listen to Wheels.

  3. Yay we suck dick again! Now all these shitheads that wanted the park empty so that they could enjoy shitty baseball all by themselves like we all did at the Vet for the longest time, will finally get their wish. Don’t worry cocksuckers, your empty stadium is coming soon enough. Enjoy shitty baseball for the near future. I’m not enjoying any of it! This sucks balls!

  4. Makes fun of Nats for bandwagon fans and low attendance. Has to sell cheap Phillies tickets due to bandwagon fans leaving because the phillies suck.

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  6. We are not band wagon fans. We refuse to watch athletes who refuse to change their approaches to the game. Sure, one way worked and was successful, but now teams (specifically pitchers) know how to play and pitch to guys like Rollins and Howard. I would rather Jimmy give up trying to pull HR’s and doubles to right and just settle for a nice easy stroke to bat the ball OVER the infield and IN FRONT of the outfielders for singles. Instead he rolls over on pitches to second base, pops up and flies out to the track or looks disgusting on offspeed pitches for K’s (like last night with two on and one out.) The aggravating thing is that players such as Howard and Rollins haven’t grown as hitters, to make themselves BETTER hitters. Howard has tinkered where he stands in the box, but that only helps on reach. Like Halladay has to learn to pitch backwards (use breaking stuff early in counts) the hitters need to look for pitches backwards. Expect the breaking stuff, and fight off the fastball. They all look for the fastball and look foolish on breaking/off speed stuff. Charlie is the man leading that approach, which has to change. Their success has become their weakness, there needs to be a change to their approach or get out. The fans have three voices, they cheer during success, boo on lack of effort, and don’t show up for the teams’ refusal to do the things to allow for continued success. The fans have spoken.

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