The Sixers are Getting Their Own D-League Team

Uh… cool.

The Sixers are getting their very own D-League team, and it will be based in beautiful Newark, Delaware: [WHYY]

The owners of the Philadelphia 76ers will join state leaders in Newark on Saturday for what’s being dubbed a “major announcement.”  CBS Sports’ columnist Ken Berger posted on Twitter that the Sixers have secured a Development League team that will play in Newark.  The team is not an expansion franchise, Berger reports, but a D-League team that had been dormant.

The Sixers can’t possibly be churning a profit with their NBA team, so why take on another project, in Delaware? I can see Adam Aron’s Twitter now: A wonderful evening planned for our Sixers. It’s Fringe Roster Night. We honor Rex Walters and each fan will receive 27 complimentary tickets to see our D-League team, the developmental league’s fifth most northern franchise!

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7 Responses

  1. What are the chances this D-League team will be better than the parent club? I’d say excellent!

  2. I wish this team would stop playing basketball. They’re no good at it. They should switch with the Phillies since historically, they’re no good at baseball. I’d go watch. Sike.

  3. this decision is mindbogglingly. the parent franchise is in complete disarray and has to be losing money hand over fist and yet they take on the venture of a D-league team?

  4. Maybe the Sixers are moving to Newark to join the D-League? If not, which team will average higher attendance?

    1. Newark D-League team. All the University of Delaware Students who are bored on weeknights would go to home games, if for no other reason, then to get blacked out, and root on their mediocre Developemental team.

  5. I just heard on KYW that the new D-League team will be called—-wait for it—-the 87ers! Lord have mercy! talk about stupid!

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