Tonight’s Viewing Schedule: CBP Beer List on GSD and Ryan Howard on “The Office”

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7 p.m.: Phillies play the Braves in Atlanta on Comcast Network (reasonable chance it gets rained out).

7 p.m.: Flyers play the Maple Leafs in Toronto on CSN.

9 p.m.:

Ryan Howard’s The Office appearance.

10:30 p.m., after the Phillies game: Great Sports Debate on Comcast Network. My iPhone-filmed piece with local producer and food blogger Lee Porter airs (around 11:15). Lee, for the second year in a row, has put together a Citizens Bank Park beer list, with locations. I hung out and walked around with him for four hours last Friday night at the on-deck series as he painstakingly logged every beer in the ballpark. I shot it with an iPhone and it will be on TV tonight. After the show, at around 11:30, Lee will post his list, conveniently in spreadsheet form, conveniently just in time for the home opener, and conveniently for all your drinking needs. I’ll link to it and post video at the same time, but do check it out on GSD.


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  1. Find out how my meeting with Jim and Daryl goes on @theofficenbc tonight 9/8c. And always remember – Eat Fresh @Subway
    1:25 PM – 04 Apr 13

    Hopefully better than your at bats against left handed pitchers

  2. Hopefully when Delmon Young is up that knucklehead Cholly will start pinch hitting Mayberry for Howard late-innings against LHP

  3. I’m still annoyed Kyle didn’t write anything about ric flair’s son Reid dying

  4. I see Howard’s wife is getting lazy and packing on the lb’s Only a matter of time before Howard asks Shane for the bartender from pjs number that he she to fuck

  5. have not watched the office in years. when steve carell left, the show went south and did so quickly. maybe its me, but i just feel as though there are very few shows today that are actually funny.

  6. Maybe Jim will get Pam to blow him and they’ll convince him to try and break the shift. Fuckin Nose likes white pussy.

  7. The Office has actually been pretty good this season. Also there is a ton of good shit on TV. The Walking Dead, Southland, Game of Thrones, etc.

    1. yeah, i did hear the office experienced a revival this season. i just havent watched any of the episodes. i dont contest there isnt good TV at all. you can add boardwalk empire to that list you posted above. im just saying there isn’t any good comedic shows on today. comedies in the 80’s and 90’s were hilarious. the only show even remotely funny today is modern family and that is often a hit-or-miss each week.

  8. Rolling Stone nailed it when the called Game Of Thrones ” No Country For Old Hobbits”

    Bram Stokers Dracula is the gold standard. zombies ? lol

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