Villainous Russian Goalie Lambastes Philly Media

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That’s Flyers PR man Zack Hill trying hard to hold back a smile

There’s always those scenes in blockbuster movies where the antagonist – Raoul in Skyfall and pretty much every Batman bad guy ever are examples – obnoxiously grandstands about his or her principles (while failing to mention their own shortcomings…) just before meeting their ultimate fate, which is death or banishment.

That was Ilya Bryzgalov yesterday.

In his thick, perfect-Bond-bad-guy accent, Bryz ripped the media for lousy reporting, citing ethics and the greater good as reasons to be better scriptuals. In his mind, he may not be the hero Philly deserves, but he’s the one it needs. Go:

“You guys just here to blame someone, but you never look yourself in the mirror, right? You’re always good, you never make the mistakes. Your article’s always perfect. But in reality, what have you done for this city, if you ask yourself? What have you done? Ask yourself that question. Besides only criticize. Well, not much.”

“Need to be fair, need to see the whole picture. It’s easy to criticize…  it’s tough to find something good.”

“Sometimes it’s just ridiculous. Sometimes you reading and it’s like, oh my God, who’s this lunatic you’re writing about? Because it was nothing close to the truth or close to related to hockey. You read this, and it’s like, oh my God, I got to deal with these people everyday. Like I said before– before you write something, you got to read what you’re writing. Because I never saw it. I’m two years here, I never saw it like for two years– good article, with, like, Flyers lose the game because this, this, this, this this. They need to improve their team, like this, this, this or this. I’ve never. That’s what you call professionalism. That’s where you can say: OK, this reporter knows hockey, he knows what he’s talking about.”

“I [read] a lot [of articles]. We have some clips in the locker room pretty much everyday. I read a lot, believe me.”

Hard facts, then: Bryz had a 2.79 goals-against average (36th in the league) and a .900 save percentage (43rd in the league).

Unfortunately, Bryz may be too busy ranting to notice a stealthy Paul Holmgren perched in a ventilation duct above with a shotgun and an amnesty exemption.

Must-see video after the jump.

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43 Responses

  1. as a goalie, it’s tough to have good numbers when you have no defense. Even Hartnell blamed this year on the D. How often to you hear athletes call out teammates like that unless they are playing that badly?

    1. In 2009 Cole went the passive/aggressive route. After consistently being one of the few players to give thoughtful answers to reporters’ questions, he stopped talking to them. What ensued was a witch hunt were they took every opportunity to take quotes out of context and distort situations in a campaign to make him look like a weak hearted prima donna. They’ve now rewritten history, because they can, and laid the blame for that dismal period in Hamels’ career at the feet of the “ungrateful” fans.

  2. He’s channeling Teddy KGB from Rounders. Would love to hear him say “hanging around, hanging around”.

  3. Blasts “saber nerds” for solely relying on baseless stats to judge players like Ryan Howard, instead of objectively watching them. Relys on baseless stats to judge Bryzgalov instead of actually watching him objectively.

    1. OK want the eye-test? He’s a goof who gives up too many soft goals, never bails his team out, has a horrible attitude, and can’t play in a shootout. How’s that?

      1. … And that’s the perfect example of you not watching him this year.

        Gives up too many soft goals: go back and watch every one and count them. It was less than one per game.

        Never bails his team out: I honestly don’t know how you could watch them this year and say Bryz didn’t add wins to this team. Because he did. He cost them MAYBE one game, and he stole at least 4-5.

        Has a horrible attitude: what? Because he doesn’t like the media? Richards and Carter didn’t either, but they were justified and Bryz isn’t? On the ice- what’s wrong with it? He gets upset when his team doesn’t perform? We celebrate when other athletes do it, but when it’s the goofy Russian it’s an issue. Makes sense.

        Can’t play in a shootout: again, if you were watching, you’d see he got better with it through the year. He had one bad shootout early on vs. Florida. Then he stopped 4 of 7 in the other two shootouts he was in. Not great, but not terrible (especially since that includes a goal by Kovalchuk, who no goalie is going to stop). Not great, but an improvement. But nope, he’s terrible and will never be any better.

      2. You have a horrible attitude too, with your “i’m rich, I want to Malvern prep, too good for you” attitude.

  4. HARD FACT: “Hard facts” don’t mean much when stripped of any context. To imply Bryz is the league’s 43rd best goalie based on a single stat that takes no other component of the team into account is, well, not a “hard fact”….it’s a “single unrevealing stat”.

  5. I guess it was easier for Bryzgalov to blame the big bad media for everything that went wrong instead of calling out his woeful defensemen or the GM who brought that dreck aboard in the first place. Talk about lame, and pathetic! Well, I’ve got three words for the villainous Russian goalie who clearly can’t handle the pressure that comes with playing perhaps the most scrutinized position for a sports team in this town—-GOTS TO GO!!

    1. If he actually called out the D, then you’d be chiding him for throwing his teammates under the bus and saying how terrible of a team mate he is.

      1. Newsflash, homeslice, I’d APPLAUD Bryz if he did. Stevie Wonder could see how badly the blueliners played.

  6. I am by no stretch of the imagination a Bryz apologist, but how are you not going to even suggest that he may be spot on with his criticism of the media?

    This team had many, many problems this year, Bryz certainly being one of them (horrible defense and laughable offensive production are two others that come to mind), but the media writes as though if he had played better the Flyers would be a playoff team. That’s just not true at all and is unfair to Bryz.

    However, because his rant comes off as complaining, no one acknowledges the fact that he may just be right about this.

  7. i have mixed emotions on bryz. i would agree that he played much better this season than last season. also, i would agree that had it not been for his sometimes stellar play, the flyers would have had at least 5 more L’s because of their porous defense. on the other hand, i just wish he would shut up already! every pro sports athlete knows the goal of the media is to bait players into saying something foolish and bryz doesnt seem to mind playing the fool!

  8. Seravelli should be taken out back and shot. “Do you think you’ve been professional here?” WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT?! Seriously Frank, that’s the perfect example of what Bryz is talking about.

    So, on to Bryz- Kyle lambasts the media when they go after his precious Richie and Carter, says they’re treating them unfair. They do the same thing (just worse) to the “funny talking Russian goalie” and it’s perfectly okay?

    Newsflash, Kyle: you can make fun of the way Bryz talks all you want, but he’s one of the smartest, well-spoken players in the NHL. I’d like to see what Russians would think of you if you were interviewed in Russian.

    Everything he said was spot on. And your “hard facts” are stupid. If you really think he was the 40th best goalie in the NHL, you need to go back to school and learn how to objectively watch the game. GAA is entirely team dependent. Save percentage is a little more reliable, but not so much for Bryz this year. Look at the quality of shots he was facing. They weren’t typical, routine shots. They were breakaways with the stars of the NHL. They were two-on-ones, three-on-twos. They were Malkin left alone in front of the net. They were Flyers D collapsing on a guy behind the net, leaving someone wide open in front. Of course his save percentage is going to be lower, the shooters had high percentage shots all season.

    Oh, and take out the games where he started the second game of a back-to-back and then see what his stats are. Because EVERY goalie in the NHL has bad numbers when starting back-to-back games. Literally, every single one. And Bryz started more of those games than anyone.

    I hate you so much, Kyle.

  9. After Mason stonewalled the Senators the night before (with that same horrible defense every Bryz supporters claim is the reason Bryz sucks this year), and this blow up by Bryz, this was a perfect ending to this assholes career in Philly!

    By the way, when does the asshole Holmgren loose his job? Everyone said Bryz was a headcase, who came up small in big moments, and was not liked by his teammates. Philly is the perfect landing spot for a goalie like that!!!! Lets sign him until 2020 and mortgage off half the team for him!!!!!

  10. I agree with Bryz. Sports journalism is a useless profession. Most of them plagiarize, and journalism is a major for someone who can’t do math and can’t hack it in a true proffession such as engineering, especially Philly sports writers who just want to antagonize athletes for fun. Not to mention the ones that misquote Ruben Amaro. They make it tough for us fans because they drive a wedge into the teams that we love, and make athletes perform not up to their standard, and that’s why there hasn’t been a championship of the major 4 outside 2008 with the Phillies. Also as an engineering major its baffling to me how sports journalism is a thing and there is a demand for it. Thank you Bryzgalov for putting these people in their place, and although I hate his contract I hope he stays just for his drunken rants at the press.

    1. Ooooooh, the big engineering major doesn’t know why writers or journalism majors exist? While you are out on your high horse thinking you are better than everyone else, remember that if it weren’t for us, you wouldn’t be reading about Bryz.


  11. I’ve watched him objectively….HE SUCKS…way to many soft goals and never bails his team out…you Bryz apologists are ridiculous, you all probably love his dumb universe rants, you should all be sent off to space with his whack-ass.

  12. He’s pretty accurate about Philly media being negative sensationalists.

    He should just treat them with contempt and physical intimidation like I did.

  13. I really agree that both sides of the argument have a point.

    But here is one “opinion” that is almost certainly a “fact.”

    The Flyers did not and will never had a great chance to win the cup with Bryz. His lateral movements from post-to-post are atrocious and it seems when he makes a great save, he has no clue where the puck is and he covers it up just in time. I’m not saying the guy is not a good NHL but:

    1) He is WAY overpaid and overrated (not his fault)

    2) He’s not an elite goalie in the class of Broduer/Lundqvist/Quick, etc.

    P.S. Bobrovksy shining in CBJ is just another example of upper management giving a young kid a year or two before writing them off. Bob is going to win the Vezina and ship a picture of it to Homer & Co. giving them the finger. Columbus had a shit defense too but somehow Bob still have one of the best GAA and SV pct in the league.

    1. The funny thing is you include Quick in the elite goalie category, and his save percentage is only .002 better than Bryz, and for most of the season he was actually worse.

      I don’t think Bryz is WAY overpaid (the contract is too long, but that’s the nature of the beast), and no he’s not elite, but he’s not paid to be elite, either.

      Columbus didn’t have a shit defense this year. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t horrible. Bob would have struggled behind this Flyers team, too.

  14. If you really think that this is all Bryz’s fault, your a moron. It’s all Holmgrams fault. You get rid of the only decent backup we have. You put all your offseason eggs in a BMW shaped basket, only to get a Pinto in return. While his numbers were bad, he did start 22 straight games. With the most back to back games of any schedule.

  15. damn, I look at that picture and see a doppleganger for Bryz, mirror image of Junior Campbell from “Deadliest Catch”. I have heard Junior is also not a fan of the Philly hockey writers, scary heh ?

  16. I’m curious, where was all this support against the so-called evil media for Donovan McNabb who caught more grief (some deserved, some not) in one month than Bryzgalov has gotten in the two years he’s been here? Other than quarterback for the Eagles, no position for any sports team in this city is under the microscope more than the starting goalie for the Flyers, and Bryz, bless his unstable little heart, is, to me, unable to handle being in this particular fishbowl.

    Bitching about the media served absolutely no purpose other than to further solidy his standing as a wingnut. If he hates the media so damn much, then make like Steve Carlton and don’t speak to them. Problem solved. Meanwhile, the media didn’t torpedo the season, the Flyers, from the front office on down did a bang up job of doing that all by themselves. And while Bryz wasn’t THE reason for the team being home for the playoffs, he was a contributor.

    1. i think you’re comparing apples and oranges on this one. bryz is just flat out an ass. the media baits him because they know he is always good for some dumbass response. even worse is i think bryz enjoys being a clown. on the other hand, mcnabb didnt necessarily make asinine statements. rather the media latched on to him because of his martyr-like mentality. believe me, i am a mcbabb defender. his without a doubt the best QB this franchise has ever had and its a shame his detractors could not acknowledge such. however, when his haters begin to criticism his infamous “poor me, the victim” mentality, i have to walk away as i have no counterargument to it. while he may have been unjust criticized at times, but i would say mcnabb was the one who climbed atop the cross and nailed himself to it.

  17. Cartman, we get it you bought a 200 dollar authentic bryz winter classic jersey and are in full panic mode thinking about him being gone next year. That aside, bryz isn’t THE reason we missed the playoffs this year, but he is sure as hell one of them. IMO bryz’s biggest problem is that he is terrible early in games. How many times over the last couple years did we go down a quick 1 or 2 nothing on very questionable goals. He might be the worst 1st period goalie I have ever seen. When he gets into his rhythm he can be one of the best in the game, problem for the flyers is that he usually gets into a rhythm after already letting in 2 or 3 goals. He needs to go.


    Look at the media circle jerking and huddling together as soon as they get called out for being absurd, over-sensationalizing do-nothings.

    It’s safe to say the media does not represent any of the informed flyers fans in this city. Morganti is usually objective. And Jonesy will go along with whatever he thinks Angelo thinks is funny. Servalli can eat a dick and every other no-name fuck that wakes up everyday thinking people care about what they write. If you want to write for TMZ, go do it, but keep your 6th grade drama cancer out of the fucking locker room.

    1. I don’t think anyone is blaming his play on the media. He’s calling them out because the media is mostly responsible for pushing this bogus perception of him: that he’s some senseless moron who cares more about tigers and star wars than hockey. Fuckin numbskulls like Kyle constantly ignore his actual play and instead write trash articles about him to drum up controversy and page views.

      And guess what? This negative misconception of him may very well get him amnestied…how the fuck would you ignorant morons feel if you did your job well and to the best of your ability, but were on the edge of being fired because someone outside your department was telling the boss you were falling asleep on the job?

  19. NEWSFLASH: Ed Snider says Bryz is not the problem.
    ” Never let the truth get in the way of a good story “

  20. What was Cyclops to do? Sit back and watch as their enemies cut down their numbers one by one. His actions were ones of a desperate man trying to protect his people. Sure, his actions were rash but I didn’t see the Avengers trying to help them.

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