Well That was Shitty, DeSean Jackson

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On Sunday, I received a Tweet from a listener of a Tampa area radio station, WiLD 94.1, who said that a local DJ was upset with DeSean Jackson because Jackson allegedly disappointed a young, sick boy who had driven from New Jersey to meet him at Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie’s Slam Jam charity basketball game in Florida, to which DeSean never showed.

I’ve only been able to connect with the host, ALLi ThAt GiRL (yes, with the obnoxious punctuation), on Twitter, and haven’t gotten any additional details from her. But, ALLi wrote about it on the 94.1’s website, saying that she had arranged to get a sick boy, Jamiere, and his family to Florida for the event on Saturday so that he could meet DeSean.

Here’s what happened next:

After arranging for Jamiere to attend the game, it was learned he lived in NEW JERSEY!

A selfless listener named Dawn, whose own son died four years earlier, texted in and offered to pay for some of Jamiere’s plane ticket.  She met up with Aaron, within the hour, and made her donation.  The money was used to aid Jamiere’s ENTIRE family in driving down instead.

DeSean didn’t show up, and informed me over the phone that he couldn’t speak to the boy at that time because, “I’m working out.”  Two more promises, of a call to Jamiere, were also broken by the end of the game on Saturday.  After I informed my listeners of his utter disregard for this child — who sleeps in his jersey and drove 18 hours to meet him — I opened the phones and texts and let them loose.

Now, before we crucify DeSean, it’s worth noting that the chances he would attend were tenuous, at best. DRC’s foundation’s website, misleadingly, listed the celebrities that were invited, which is actually really shitty. Look:

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WiLD 94.1, however, wrote on their Facebook page that it was confirmed to them that DeSean would be there.

D-Jac does his share of charity work, so that’s worth pointing out. But not getting on the phone is poor form– taking, literally, 20 seconds could make a kid’s year. And it’s not like DeSean was otherwise saving the world this weekend… he was hanging in Vegas with Snoop Dogg:

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Cool, man.


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  1. looks like desean jackson has his priorities in order. guys like him are the reason why i don’t watch football

  2. not excusing or apologizing for desean, but one has to wonder that if the kid was from NJ, how come something couldnt be set up with a local charity. i understand desean is his hero and all, but i dont get why the family had to drive 1200 miles to do something that could be done locally.

  3. Spot on @Informed. This is goofy. Kids lives mintues from Eagles HQ. Desean is there months on end. Someone wants to help the kid out I bet it’s not that hard with the right connections to arrange a quick visit to practice. Players do that type of stuff all the time with nobody knowing about it but the team. Many don’t want anyone to know.

  4. How come black athletes/entertainers don’t date sisters?
    Alli Wild seems like a ride or die chick

    1. Because most black athletes only like skanky white girls. Tiger Woods, Tiki Barber, etc show us that. That’s because they’re easy to dominate. And for the hundredth time: No decent sister is offended by this.

      1. Because they’re easy to dominate? Maybe it’s because 90% of black girls (and I say girls because that’s how they act) are overbearing, condescending, and down right rude!! They treat others as if they’re insignificant, while smacking their gum and holding their head high as if the entire world owes them something! I apologize to black WOMEN, because I am not racist but unfortunately where I live 90% of black girls are just that… LITTLE GIRLS! I remember one time overheard these two girls talking, one was black and she was telling her friend how ignorant white people are and she referred to them as “crackers”… So I turned to her and told her that HER comment was ignorant and she replied with “shut up white boy” so I told her she was racist and she really had the nerve to tell me that only white people can be racist! I laughed and walked away…. That about sums up the mentality of a lot of black girls I’ve interacted with! Again I’m not talking about BLACK WOMEN…

  5. They look like their ready for a flash mob in that celebrity slam jam picture.

    BTW- Wednesday night quizzo with Doobs at Out of Whack Jacks will be back this May!!!

  6. D-Jac is just a douche. If he spent as much time training for his job instead of trying to be a rapper he might deserve a little more respect. Dude flat out SUCKED last season and he raps more than he plays ball. SMH….. The Eagles were so fucking stupid to sign his ass.

  7. D Jac p, please watch how you spend that $$. Believe snoop dog doesn’t care if u pop bottles.

    I’m broke from acting like u back in the 80s & they said I was an intelligent Jew. Look at me now, broke & bloated

  8. D-Jac and Vick are two peas in a pod. They seem to forget that without the fans, they are NOTHING. Yeah, he “does” charity…easy to have those big parties and whatever when someone is organizing it for you. It would be interesting to find out just how involved he really is. He’s a little man with a little heart.

  9. Sorry kid but that’s what you get for idolizing punks like Jackson. Can’t frigging stand that guy.

  10. Kyle – I hope something bad happens to you – I came on here because I heard Tony Bruno talking about you – he said you have Aids – and you’re a big piece of shit – The heart of Philly doesn’t like you anymore – except for TMZ fans – go hurt yourself jerking off to Jeff Carter and Jayson Werth

  11. D-Jac has his own foundation, so why didn’t someone contact them? When the donation got involved, the entire game should have changed. Any radio personality knows that clubs and football camps are awkward promotions, anyhow. No one is ever really sure of who will attend, versus who was just “invited”. Why did aLLi not contact D-Jac’s camp or even the foundation, to try and set up a more solid meeting? That guy loves the kids, and lost his dad to cancer, some time back. He dedicates soooo many days to giving back, so find someone else to pick on! And what a low-blow to bring up Snoop Dogg, as if Desean’s entire life should be dedicated to philanthropic activites, only. This is what Favre meant, when he said he just wished he could play football, and not deal with the rest of the crap that people expect. #HatersLovers&Whoever

  12. First, props to DRC who, like him as a player or not, comes off as a class act here. Secondly, major props to Anquan Boldin for stepping up like the superstar that he is and posing for pictures and giving the kid the royal treatment.

    I don’t know if D-Jack was confirmed for the event or not. I put this one on ALLi for not doing her homework and confirming whether or not DeSean would be there before trying to make herself look like good for putting it all together. DeSean is entitled to have a life. He was in town for mini-camp last week and then rolled to Vegas to hang with his boy, Snoop. If my choices were to hang with DRC or hang in Vegas with Snoop, that’s a no brainer. He loses points for not at least talking to the kid on the phone… that’s a dick move… but maybe he’s got something brewing to visit the kid in NJ or have the kid come to practice. Like him or not, DeSean isn’t THAT bad of a guy. Lapses in judgment? Sure. But I’m not throwing him under the bus for this.

    1. Hey Big Mike,

      Before you go spouting off things about doing my homework and not confirming that Desean would be here…do YOUR homework. I DID speak with Desean myself, in fact, it was on DRC’s phone as we were calling Jamiere to invite him to the game. After we invited Jamiere we then discovered he lived in Jersey — his uncle only asked for a phone call — we assumed they both lived in Tampa. When that news broke, our listeners donated the funds to bring the boy here.

      Making myself look good is the last thing this was about and, frankly, shame on you for trolling a site screaming stuff you know nothing about.

      Currently, we are still trying to hook Jamiere up with a call to Desean because — THAT’S all that matters.

      And yes, I am a ride or die chick and an equal opportunity dater.

  13. Black celebrities don’t date black women because they don’t have to. 98% of black women would look facially identical to black men if they shaved their heads. The truth hurts.

  14. Pretty shitty if someone got a hold of him and he still never called.. but with that said, flyers with *Invited Guests* doesn’t mean they’re obligated to show up, it’s just a way to help pump up tickets to the event

    1. Hey Jenni,

      Don’t be mad. I’m sure DeSean is falling all over himself to high five you for your ignorant name calling. Read the article, watch the video THEN comment. I’m assuming that WT means WiLDLY talented and for that I thank you.

      PS: Please send the link to the GOOD you’ve done lately,..

  15. this isn’t news yet. Trying to find something to say today + beating others to this, but defaming someone for something that is unverified.
    You’re in the BIGS now, man!

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