Who’s That Douche?

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 3.19.33 PMWhich douche tweeted this:

[redacted] fans keep doing the wave, it’s a beautiful thing! Keep the wave in [the park]! [redacted] just said “Nothing cooler than seeing a packed house do the wave” #baseball #keepthewave

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Bryce Harper:

Apparently, there has been a bit of a thing amongst the dozen or so Nats fans and writers as to whether the six or so fans at each Nats game should do the wave (which is pretty much the most Nats fan thing there could possibly be). Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog detailed such thing today, explaining it thusly:

By now, you’re no doubt familiar with the ongoing controversy roiling Nats Town and attracting national attention, involving pro- and anti-wave forces. Players are largely against it, from what we can tell. A large and vocal faction of fans is also trying to end the wave.

The battle reached a boiling point on Saturday afternoon, when one fan sitting near the back of Section 109 repeatedly attempted to start a wave during later innings — including while the Nats were in the field, an ever bigger sin than usual, as the wave theoretically could distract the home team’s pitcher.

That occurrence led to a skirmish of sorts in the crowd. And today, Brycecakes weighed in with his thoughts, which are very wrong– the wave is for moms and kids who are bored and out of ice cream. Fans don’t do the wave. Sure, you might tolerate it, but you don’t encourage it. Only douches encourage it… and there’s at least two of them on the Nationals.


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  1. You’re the douche !
    Get off the guy’s sack

    Harper is hitting .356
    on a pace for 208 hits, 58 HRs and 117 RBI

      1. there are two things we need to get used over the next 15 years…..his douchiness and his beast-like play! when all said and done, i think he’ll have a better career than trout!

    1. No one ever actually ends up finishing with what they are “on pace for” at May 1st… Harper is LEGIT though… doesn’t mean he isn’t a douche

  2. 39,451 (90.4% full) at the first Sunday Phillies home game this year
    39,389 (94% full) at the first Sunday Nationals home game this year

    36,457 (87% full) at this Sundays Nationals home game.
    35,115 (80.5% full) at the last Sunday Phillies home game.

    get over it, the Phillies fans are just as bad as Nationals fans, except Nats fans aren’t the self declared “best fans in all of baseball”

    I was also at both of those Phillies Sunday games, and they are lying because the attendance was much lower. Enough already.

    1. It’s also because Nats’ fans didn’t exist until last season, hence the reason they do the wave while their team is rallying and know the names of only two players, Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg.

    2. when you’re the losingest team in all of sports and people still show up? wait, you still have a baseball team… that makes us the best fans in all of baseball. crankypants.

    3. Holy crap, I CAN’T stand reading posts like this from a friggin Gnat’s fan!? Seriously dude…seriously!? You were an Orioles fan when your team didn’t exist a decade ago! The Nationals fans are as much of a joke as their organization so please don’t put yourselves in the same category or thought as the loyal and passionate fans of Philadelphia. It’s quite insulting…its similar to all the lifelong Redskin fans who MIRACULOUSLY became Ravens fans overnight when a team and a title from Cleveland was thrown into their back yards! Find me one person in Baltimore who can say it isn’t true with a straight face! You’re a joke and you always will be so take your attendance statistics and shove them up your Nathole!

    4. They announce the paid attendance, genius, not the actual gate…

      Bandwagoners exist EVERYWHERE, no team/fanbase is immune to them (all of the ones from 2007 are jumping ship, and I’m thankful I won’t have to see all the WT who come down and tailgate in the parking lot without even going into the game). The problem with the Nationals is that DC is a football town and it’s full of transplants, so it’s not surprising to see them having difficulty selling out with a good team. They were the laughing stock of the NL East for years, so why would anyone want to be a Nats fan except in the last 3 years or so; it takes time to build a loyal fanbase, everyone needs to slow their role, and people who get legitimately upset about which teams’ fans are better than another’s need to re-examine the priorities in their lives…

      That being said, the wave is one of the dumbest things in sports

  3. Real fans don’t do the wave, they just wave stupid fucking towels in the air like a bunch of fucking 6 year old retards. Give me a break. Towel waving is as weak as it gets.

  4. They do the stupid wave at CBP too. Annnd they do the stupid “tell fans when and how to cheer” Audio/Video nonsense. Hate to say it but CBP is just as bad as anywhere else.

  5. it’s actually less than 5,000 on ESPN which is probably where you looked… the 3 games I have been to all year had way less than they announced; not to mention Citizens bank has a larger capacity.

    the Phillies have had more than 40k 1 time all year, and that was opening day, the Nats have a smaller capacity stadium and had only 33 less people there on their opening day…. I have been to 3 games and the attendance is pathetic and way lower than reported. Open your eyes, Phillies fans are front running dopes just like every other city… get off your own dicks

  6. During the Nats’ first home series of the season, the fans started doing the wave when the Nats were rallying in a close game. That just goes to show the collective baseball IQ of their fanbase.

  7. god forbid a player trying to get a fanbase loud (it’s obviously louder when the wave is happening). I’ve heard the SEPTA crickets from my seat in CBP lately.

  8. all these 2008 phillies fans suck ass. there was 5,000 people at plenty of the Vet games while you all were Yankees fans or something.

    1. OK big shot, why don’t you start up the wave at the next home game if you’re all about “amping” the team up?

  9. You people are PATHETIC. Arguing over who are the best fans? Really? I think winning = ticket sales for the most part. The facts are there if you want to look them up. Look at Cleveland while they were winning, and look at them when they suck. It’s life. It’s like that with every team. Even Boston is losing attendance, they broke their sellout streak recently. Anyone who contributes it to fans being shitty is wrong, they’re pissed and don’t want to see their team lose. It’s quite simple actually.

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