Your Tuesday Morning Roundup

A lot going on yesterday and didn’t get to the Roundup… here are a few things we missed from yesterday and the weekend.

Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

Major League Baseball has finally entered the century. On Google+, it was announced that highlights and full games will begin appearing on YouTube. A few caveats, of course:

Major League Baseball is bringing America’s favorite pastime to more fans all over the world on YouTube. Expect to see highlights of MLB games from this season about a day or two afterwards, tens of thousands of hours of archived games dating back to 1952, clips from Baseballs Best Classics and Best Moments, and more. In all countries other than the US, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, you can also watch two live games per day during the regular season for free.

Bryce Harper overload on ESPN this week. He’s on the cover of their magazine:

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 8.56.39 AM

And there will be a one-hour special at 9 p.m. tonight called Bryce Begins. Bryce is 20-years-old.

Rays reporter Kelly Nash nearly took a ball to the head… when she took this selfie at Fenway:

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 8.58.45 AM Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 8.59.03 AM

Matt Barkley’s fiancée.

Marcus Hayes of course weighed in on Jason Collins being gay… by writing a series one-line paragraphs. I have no idea how Marcus Hayes gets paid.

Jess Biddle followed up his 16-strikeout performance by striking out 10 on Sunday.

An umpire threw up this weekend.

Chip Kelly sat down with Michael Barkann and his jeans.

Did Paul Holmgren erupt at reporters on Saturday when asked about Peter Laviolette’s job security? He did: []

Asked before Saturday’s game about Laviolette’s future – and informed that a source had told a Canadian reporter that the coach would not return -Holmgren erupted in a string of expletives.

“I’m not even going to comment on the bleeping sources,” he said. “…Some idiot made it up.”

Asked if he could say for sure if Laviolette would return, Holmgren said, “I’m not saying a bleeping thing….How many times do I have to tell you I haven’t even thought about firing the coach? How many times?”

Actually a little disappointed with Obama’s performance at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

Chester County sheriffs are giving away an AR-15.

Evan Turner is an idiot:

Saturday night at 11 on CSN Joe Conklin’s new show, Know The Score, will air. Our friends at Philly Phaithful helped out (and provided Joe’s wardrobe). Here’s a clip of Conklin interviewing hipsters about sports. Hilarious.


22 Responses

  1. Even though homer said lavy will be back, do you think he truely meant it or was it spur of the moment?

    1. i don’t believe anything he ever says. But he should be more worried about his job…

      1. Great point, but do you think homer will go after a big name like he has in the past and it will actually play out well?

  2. Apparently, Hayes is using the money he’s stealing from the Daily News to shut down all-you-can-eat buffet joints. Have you seen how fat he’s gotten? But I never look at that miserable douchebag for long, the minute I see his annoyingly smug face on DNL, oops, ‘scuse me, Philly Sports Talk, I change the channel.

  3. Admitting that she cropped the ball into the photo actually would have made her seem more intelligent than almost being hit with a ball and never having seen or heard it hit the ground around her …. how could she have only found out from a photo? Shaking my head and severely disappointed in a fellow sports female.

      1. As I am a blonde, that is exactly the response that I knew would happen. Thank you Kelly Nash for reinforcing stereotypes.

  4. Barkley’s girl actually might trump suzie as the ugliest eagles spouse current or still hanging on.

  5. Only Marcus Hayes could write a sensitive piece about a homosexual coming out, and manage to insult an entirely different community of people by using the word “retarded”.

  6. 1) Attention Kelly Nash: More tits, less balls.

    2) The future Mrs. Barkley is smokin.’ She’s got that sweet girl-next-door look going. And I, for one, get my nips hard over that type.

  7. 1.) i cant stand bryce harper. however, i better find a way to deal with my hate of him as he is going to develop into one hell of a monster over the next 15 YEARS. 2.) marcus hayes has always been a smug, pompous jerkoff and i would agree that he can now add fat to his list of deficiencies. 3.) granted kelly nash is hott, but the dummy doesnt realize how bad she looks professionally in the pic being as she is taking a “selfie” during BP. 4.) homer sounds like he was out of scotch on saturday night when asked about lavy!

  8. Anyone else see the resemblance between Bryce Harper’s ESPN Cover and Alf?

  9. Who is that nubian princess Conklin is talking to??!! If you are reading this, I would love to take you out for a night at Kruk’s Mullet Clippings. You have a stunning smile. Gorgeous!

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