A Comprehensive Recap of the Phillies’ Loss to the Indians

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24 Responses

  1. sensing the composition of this team would be dramatically different come next year, i had held a glimmer of hope that this collective group of aging veterans would put together a nice run this year and make a playoff push. hate to say it, but this team may be heading for a fire sale come july and it may include the departure of some big names.

  2. Doc is toast, Revere is a double play machine, Jstroll is his usual self, our bullpen are a bunch of pussies, yada yada yada…we’re fucked…..end of story…

    1. his rapid decline is amazing! it was only a season and a half ago that he was 19-6 with a 2.35 ERA. turning 35 must have been his kryptonite.

      1. It’s clear all those starts, all those innings, and all those pitches caught up to Doc with a vengeance. I could be wrong, but I don’t see things getting better, if anything, it’s bound to get worse.

        1. yeah, the tread on his tires has become quite apparent. as of now, i dont see the phils re-signing him. that said, hopefully a team in the playoff mix in july wants him bad enough that it lands us some prospects. who knows! what i do know is that itll be weird to be a seller this july after being a buyer these last 8 years.

  3. Phils lose 14-2. Writes about Bynum dancing.

    Writes nothing when Halladay blows it again, giving up 3 hr and 8 runs. Writes several posts on unconfirmed rumours of Bryzgalov closing his eyes.

    Phils attendance has quickly dwindled due to shitty performances and is at the same level as Nats..Bashes nationals fans and talks about bad karma for them.

  4. Bad Phillies pitching + good Indians hitting = colossal Cleveland ass-whuppin’. Can’t get any more comprehensive than that, my friends. As for Halladay, just when we had been fooled into thinking he had found his mojo after his last two starts, he coughs up a monstrous hairball last night. If Doc drops another Kong-sized turd in his next start against the uber-pathetic, Mike Stanton-less Marlins, then we’ll know he’s officially cooked.

  5. Str8 tired of reading you so-called phillies fans who come on here everytime the team loses and says this team blows. They finally have their full line-up back and its only fucking MAY!! you people are a fucking disgrace and have no baseball knowledge. Were only 5.5 games back behind the braves and the nats are playin shitty ball. Stop writing this team off everytime they lose, its gonna fucking happen, there’s 162 games in a fucking season. Im guessing once we win tonight all you losers are gonna come on here and say we got a chance. GO FUCK YOURSELVES! SAID!

    1. It doesn’t matter if it’s May 1st or June 1st. What’s happening with Doc is reality. And don’t even think for a second that this bullpen is going to get better. So I understand the whole “we got a chance” mentality, but even having the whole lineup back isn’t going to help over the course of the summer. You tell me that a lineup that includes Mayberry, Revere and Dom Brown is legit? Don’t bring your baseball knowledge here and expect us to believe YOU actually know what YOU are talking about…

      1. It does matter that its only May 1 actually…..I will admit that the OF has been bad and its been tough to see revere ground out in so many DPs already, but its a small sample size. While Delmon Young certainly wont help out defensively, his bat is an upgrade over all 3 of our current OFs. My main argument is that fans need to give it a litte more than just a month…it’s ridiculous how everytime this team loses a game people react like its the end of the world. I would definitley say were in decent shape only being 5.5 gb after a dismal April

        1. Okay, I’ll come back on July 1 when this team is miraculously 4.0 games up on the rest of the NL East.

  6. The really disturbing part was how Halladay talked about the Indians as if they were the ’27 Yankees.
    Really, Doc? We’re talking about the Cleveland F-ing Indians!
    When has a decent hitting team (sans Swisher and Bourn) scared Halladay in the past? To me, this was akin to Doc acknowledging that he has lost it. Too bad his e-mail mentor isn’t still around to guide him through this.

  7. Robert Deniro Was Right:
    “TheOnly Fair Thing In Life Is Baseball…….”
    162 Games In A Season You Clowns. You Aren’t A True Phan If You Can’t Enjoy The firsT 100 games…Turn Your Phucking TV Off Unti September…..

  8. Completely aware that theres 162 games but you cant say you cant be pissed about the mediocre start at best gong on here

  9. I’m willing to be patient, but patterns are already in place that don’t bode well for this team, and the passage of time might not change anything, regardless of where the Phils are in the standings.

    Sure, the full lineup is in place, and it was shut down by something called Zack McAllister last night, and it’s still borderline impotent against lefthanders. Okay, we’ve finally got Delmon Young in the lineup, but whatever power he provides at the plate will almost certainly be offset by his butcher work in the field. As for the rotation, it’s looking more and more that Doc is cooked, Cole has struggled, and I will NEVER feel comfortable with Kyle Kendrick taking the hill every fifth day. Don’t even get me started on the bullpen and firestarters like Durbin and Aumont. Then there’s Uncle Charlie who can no longer just push buttons, now he has to actually manage and his deficiencies are plain for all to see.

    Could this team turn it around in the months to come? Absolutely! Can they? Will they? From what I’ve seen so far, I’m not sure they can. What you see is what you get, and, at present, we’re looking at a very average team that might not accomplish much of anything this season.

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