And Here’s the Digital Camo Jersey the Phillies Will Wear on Memorial Day

UPDATE: It looks like the camo mix-up was just an error on the MLB Shop website. The uniforms worn on Monday both used the Desert pattern. 

from Monday’s game against the Red Sox

Adding to Kyle’s post yesterday, the Phillies will not only be wearing camouflage hats on Memorial Day, they’ll have special jerseys on as well. Yikes. Setting aside the argument that it’s “Memorial Day,” not “Military Appreciation Day,” these are ugly, and it looks like the hats have a different camouflage pattern than the jerseys, so they don’t even match. Based on some quick Wikipedia “research,” it looks like the hats have the “MARPAT desert pattern” while the jerseys have the “MARPAT woodland pattern.” I’m at the mercy of Wikipedia (and a relatively low resolution picture of the jersey’s lettering) here, so if there are any experts out there, let me know if this is wrong.


 Interestingly, Uni-Watch got a quote from a publicist saying that the Memorial Day hats are part of a “program” and “first in a series of three,” so look for additional designs on July 4 and September 11. Maybe they crisscrossed their camouflage patterns for the Memorial Day game (or just on the MLB Shop website)?

h/t to Uni-Watch for pointing out the ad copy showing camouflage jerseys as being “worn on-field.”


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  1. Not so sure that it is Woodland. Almost looks like multicam but in digicam form. Not a fan of the hat or jersey.

  2. The Hat is desert MARPAT, and yes the Uniform is woodland MARPAT. Its memorial day, the day you thank all the services members past and present for sacrificing their lives for your freedom. Sp it doesn’t matter how ugly you thing the uniforms are. For what they represent, they are beautiful!!

    1. Memorial Day was created to remember and honor those who died while serving in the military. Veterans Day and Armed Forces Day are to honor those living members who served and are serving.

  3. @Broke Marine: Thanks for confirming the pattern info (really). In terms of the holiday being the day for remembering military who’ve died, I’m not sure this hat and jersey combo being marketed as “first in a series of three” is really in that spirit. Maybe if they weren’t available to the general public and the game-worn items were auctioned off, it’d feel less marketing-driven. A black armband would get the point across just effectively and without sales aspect clouding the holiday (though, realistically, they’d probably also find a way to market those as well; they’d make a great stadium giveaway)

  4. The hat looks horrendous and kinda pisses me off a little, just for the fact that I busted my ass to have the right to wear utilities made of that camo. It doesn’t pisses me off enough to make a stink, but enough to roll my eyes every time I see it. And the mismatch desert/woodland is terrible too. Someone needs to haze whoever thought of that.

    And I know there is gonna be some boot-ass turds walking around in there poole shirts wearing those saying “I’m going to be a Marine, do you have a military discount?”

  5. Am I the only one who finds it very patronizing and ridiculous when we try to “praise” members of the military with persistent empty gestures and out right ass kissing? They don’t need baseball teams wearing camo or celebrities and politicians fawning over them. What they need is to not be sent off to die in stupid wars!

  6. Ugly. Inappropriate. Patronizing. The same goes for the flag hats/logos. MLB needs to understand Memorial Day is to remember the fallen veterans not honor the living members of the Armed Forces. There is only one way to stop this non-sense: do not buy the merchandise. Unfortunately there are too many fans who will buy anything with a team logo and think it’s ‘oh so cool’. Until this year, MLB would not disclose what percentage of the proceeds from selling this crap went to veterans groups. I believe this year they said 100% will go to veterans groups.

    1. They never state if it’s 100% of net proceeds or gross though. It’s just another play on words to make someone feel good about buying more ‘Merica garbage.

  7. If you watched any games today, you would have heard the announcers state that the jerseys and hats will be auctioned off and 100% of proceeds will go to veterans organizations.

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