Another Former Phillie Went to the Hospital Yesterday


Another former Phillie was taken to the hospital yesterday. Shane Victorino crumpled to the ground after colliding with the right field wall at Fenway. He stayed in the game for a short time, but eventually went to the hospital to get his ribs examined. Look at how the Blue Jays’ bullpen immediately got up and ran to him.

No word on if his ribs are broken or not.


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  1. I bet anything Shane tried to stick his cock in 1 of the nurses. Dude loves cheating on his wife

  2. That sucks. Although something tells me that wall has zero padding on it. Knowing Fenway, it’s probably a brick wall wrapped in green vinyl.

  3. hey 3 finger, in that case, i wish i was a nurse!…if you know what i mean…

  4. Did he hit it so hard his glove came off?

    I remember when I had Shane over for a nightcap and that night he also hit it so hard it knocked his glove off. That was a good night for your Mamma.

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